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Search your entire Workspace to find tasks, Docs, Whiteboards, and more!

What you'll need

Search using the Command Center

You can access the Command Center from your left Sidebar or from anywhere in ClickUp using keyboard shortcuts:

  • Click Search in the Sidebar.
  • Use Cmd + K on Mac.
  • Use Ctrl + K on PC.

Search with keywords or scroll through recent items to find what you're looking for.

You can hover over any item to take the following actions:

  • Copy link: Copy the item's URL to your clipboard.
  • Tray: Minimize a task to the tray. This is only available when hovering over tasks.
  • New tab: Open the item in a new tab.

Filter search results

You can filter search results in several ways:

  • Type: Use the tabs above the search results to include only tasks, Docs, Whiteboards, Dashboards, Chats, Files, or People in your Workspace.
    Screenshot of someone using the tabs in the command center to filter results.
  • Location: In the upper-right corner of the Command Center, click Location filter and select any combination of Spaces, Folders, or Lists to search for items in specific locations.
  • Quick filters: Use the options under the Quick Filters section to either show items that are assigned to you or that you created.
  • Task filters: Use the options under the Task Filters section to show tasks in Active or Closed statuses, or tasks that have been archived.

Sort search results

You can sort your search results by relevance or by how recently you looked at each item.

By default, search results are displayed in order of relevancy. To sort items by how recently you looked at them, click the sort icon and select Recent.

Screenshot of someone sorting Command Center results by relevancy.

Additional ways to search

If you can't find what you're looking for using the Command Center, there are a few additional ways to locate items in ClickUp.

Browse the Hierarchy

Use the left Sidebar to browse your Hierarchy.

Find archived items

The items you're looking for may have been archived. Learn how to unarchive items using the following articles:

Check your permissions

If an item's permissions change, you might no longer have access. Contact your Workspace owner or admin to check your permissions.

Check the Trash

The item you're looking for may have been deleted. Check the Trash.

  • Some items can be restored from the Trash if deleted within the last 30 days.
  • Members and guests can only see and restore items they deleted.
  • The Workspace owner and admins can see, restore, or permanently delete any items.

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