Intro to notifications

Notifications allow you to keep up with the work that you and your team are doing.

Notifications are specific to each Workspace, so you'll only see updates about the Workspace you're actively working in.

You will not receive notifications for actions that you perform. 

What you'll need

  • Notifications are available on all ClickUp Plans.
  • Everyone, including guests, can use notifications.
  • To report on notifications, Unlimited Plans and above can use the Who's Behind Dashboard Table card
  • Your own actions cannot trigger notifications for yourself.

New notifications

When you receive new notifications, you'll see a badge with the number of new notifications in the Sidebar.

Screenshot of the Sidebar highlighting the notifications option.

You'll also see a red dot on the ClickUp icon in your browser.

Screenshot of a ClickUp browser tab with new notifications.

When you receive new notifications for a different Workspace, you'll see a dot next to the Workspace avatar.

Screenshot of the Workspace settings menu highlighting the notification dot.

View notifications

You can view your web (in-app) notifications by clicking Notifications in the Sidebar.

Notifications are shown in the order received, starting with the most recent ones on top.

From the Notifications page you can:

  • Switch between New uncleared and Cleared notifications using the buttons at the top-left.

  • Show notifications from tasks that are assigned to me.

  • Show notifications of any @mentions.

  • Use the ellipsis menu to Clear all notifications or access Notifications settings.

Screenshot of the Notifications page.

Notification groups

You'll see the following types of notifications grouped together:

  • Newly created tasks.

  • Task status changes.

  • Tasks that are assigned to you.

  • Custom Fields changes.

  • Likes and other comment reactions.

  • GitHub activity items that have been added to a task.

Screenshot of grouped notifications.

You'll see notifications grouped by task, so various notifications related to the same task can be cleared at the same time.

Screenshot of various notifications grouped for the same task.

Respond to notifications

When you are viewing notifications, you can quickly take action and respond to comments.

You can:

Screenshot of a task notification, highlighting the stop watching option.

You can also Respond to comments including:

Screenshot of a comment notification.

Clear notifications

To clear notifications, click the checkmark button next to each notification you want to clear.

Clearing a notification moves it to the Cleared tab.

You can also clear individual notifications that have been grouped together.

  1. Hover over each item.

  2. Click the checkmark button.

Screenshot of a grouped notification, highlighting the option to clear individual notifications.

To clear all your Notifications, click the ellipsis ... icon in the top right and select Clear All.

Screenshot of the Notifications ellipsis menu highlighting the Clear All option.

Restore cleared notifications

You can restore a notification you cleared previously. Notifications are shown in the order they were cleared, from oldest to newest.

  1. Click the Cleared tab.

  2. Scroll to find the notification.

  3. Click the Unclear notification button on the right.

  4. The notification will be moved back to the New tab in the order it was received.

Screenshot of a cleared notification highlighting the unclear notification button.

Report on notifications

On Unlimited Plans and above, you can see who hasn't been clearing their notifications with the Who's Behind Dashboard Table card. This is an easy way to track your team's productivity!

Who's Behind reports:

  • Total uncleared notifications
  • Total overdue tasks

Both columns can be calculated by sum, average, or range. The total uncleared notifications and total over total overdue tasks are current so there's no need to filter by time period.




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