Inbox settings and keyboard shortcuts

Customize your Inbox experience by managing your Inbox settings. Clear and work with notifications faster using keyboard shortcuts.

What you'll need

  • Inbox is available on all ClickUp plans.
  • Everyone, including guests, can use the Inbox.
  • Inbox includes 3 months of uncleared notifications and 1 month of cleared notifications.

Inbox settings

Access the Inbox settings by clicking the settings icon in the upper-right.

Choose your layout

In the Inbox settings menu, you can use the following options to change your Inbox layout:

  • Fullscreen mode: Open notifications in fullscreen mode automatically. Toggle this option off if you don't want your notifications opened in fullscreen mode. 
  • Group by date: Group your notifications into sections by the date they were received.
    • Notifications on the Important and Other tabs are grouped by the date of the notification, including Today, Yesterday, Last week, and Older.
    • Notifications on the Snoozed tab are grouped by the date they will unsnooze, including Today, Tomorrow, Next week, and Later.

You'll also see the following options in the settings menu:

  • Notification Settings: Open the notifications settings for the Workspace. 
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Open a menu to view all of Inbox's keyboard shortcuts. 

Use keyboard shortcuts

You can use keyboard shortcuts in your Inbox to quickly navigate or make changes like clearing notifications. The following shortcuts are available while using Inbox: 

Action Hotkey
Go to Important Shift + I
Go to Other Shift + O
Go to Snoozed Shift + Z
Go to Cleared Shift + C
Toggle assigned filter Shift + 1
Toggle @mentions filter Shift + 2
Toggle unread filter Shift + 3
Open/close notification Enter or O
Close notification Esc
Next notification J OR ↓
Previous notification K OR ↑
Jump to top Shift + ↑
Jump to bottom Shift + ↓
Refresh Inbox Space
Clear/unclear notification E
Clear all notifications Shift + E
Snooze a notification Z
Mark as read/unread U
Follow/unfollow W
Add/remove from Tray Shift + T
Undo last action CTRL/CMD + Z



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