Intro to comments

Comments are one of our most powerful tools for collaboration.

You can ask and answer questions, get feedback, provide approval, track quick wins, and format content with rich text, embeds, and attachments.

You can use comments on tasks, Docs, and attachments for Proofing.

Not sure where to start? Click the + icon next to an empty comment to add a content block or set text formatting.

What you'll need

Assign comments

Assign a comment to create a new required item for the assignee to complete before the task can be closed.


Mention people in comments

If you want to notify someone without assigning a comment to them, you can mention individual people or Teams.

Simply type @ and the name of the person or team you want to mention.

Threaded comments

Organize your task, image, and Doc comments by nesting your replies with threaded comments

Threaded comments work by starting a completely new conversation right underneath a parent comment for a more focused discussion.

If you don't want to use threaded comments you can turn off the ClickApp.


Reply using ClickUp AI

Use AI to reply to your task comments. AI will generate a reply by suggesting prompts or by using your custom prompt.

Take a look at our Intro to ClickUp AI article for more info for more info on purchasing and using AI. 

Quote comments

Keep conversations organized by highlighting text to reply to specific parts of a comment! This is especially useful if someone asks you multiple questions in a comment or there's lots of activity in your task. 


Use rich text formatting

Providing as much information as you can to your teammates ensures expectations are clear and tasks are completed as thoroughly and efficiently as possible.
Click and drag your cursor over text while creating a comment to reveal your editing choices.

You can also:

  • Embed

  • Attach files

  • Tag other users

  • Mention another task

  • Use emojis 

Create tasks from comments

Create new tasks and subtasks from the rich text toolbar in the comments section of an existing task. This is a helpful way to organize your work so you can come back to it later.
Click and drag your cursor over text while creating a comment to open the toolbar.

Link to comments

You can share a link to task and Doc comments to share conversations.

Copy a comment link

To copy a comment link:

  1. Open a task or Doc with comments.

  2. Hover over a comment and click the ellipsis ... button.

  3. Click Copy URL.


Paste comment links in ClickUp

Paste a comment link anywhere in ClickUp to automatically unfurl it. You can also show or hide a preview of the linked comment.

  1. Copy and paste a link to a comment into a Doc, task description, another comment, or Notepad note.

  2. Click the New tab button to open the linked comment in a new browser tab.

  3. Click the ellipsis menu to access the following options:

    • Show or Hide preview: Show or hide the first part of the comment.

    • Copy link: Copy the comment URL to your clipboard.

    • Revert to URL: Convert the comment card to a plain text URL.

    • Delete: Remove the comment link from where you pasted it.

Paste comment links outside of ClickUp

You can share direct links to comment in any other app. As long as people have access to the task in ClickUp, they'll be taken directly to the linked comment.

React to comments

Give reactions to comments using one (or more) emojis to express exactly how you're feeling. 😄 Reactions quickly communicate acknowledgment and understanding whenever your colleagues update a task.


Set comment Reminders

Notifications piling up? Never forget about a comment again! Use the Remind me option on any comment to turn the text into a Reminder. The Reminder will live in your Inbox and appear on the date you select!


Use Comments in Docs

Work with Doc comments inline, or from the Comment sidebar.

From inline text

You can add comments to Docs by selecting any text and clicking Comment on the toolbar, or using the keyboard shortcut:

  • Mac: CMD + Shift + M

  • Windows: CTRL + Shift + M

Hover over any text with a comment to resolve it, react, or reply.


From the Comment sidebar

View, add, or resolve Doc comments by clicking the comment button at the top-right of any Doc.

Screenshot of the button to open the comments modal from a Doc.

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