Minimize tasks to the Tray

Minimize tasks to the Tray to keep them easily accessible at all times. Docked tasks will carry over if you open ClickUp in a new browser tab.

If you minimize or close a task while writing a comment, the comment will be saved as a draft.

Gif of someone minimizing a task to the Tray.

What you'll need

Minimize a task to the Tray

You can send tasks to the Tray from the following locations:

  • Task modal: In the upper-right corner of any task, click the minimize icon. 
  • Notifications: Hover over a task and click the minimize icon on the right.
  • After creating a task: Immediately after creating a new task, click Tray in the lower-left toast notification.

  • When searching: Hover over a task and click the minimize icon to send it to the Tray.

Remove tasks from the Tray

In the lower-right corner, hover over a task and click the x icon to remove it from the Tray.

If you have a task open, you can remove it from the Tray by clicking the minimize icon in the upper-right corner. The green checkmark next to the icon will turn into a red x to confirm it's been removed.


Reorder items in the Tray

Use the drag handle next to the items in the Tray to rearrange them into any order you want.



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