How to clear your notifications

Notifications help to ensure that you never miss important information, and they make up an essential part of staying productive. Keeping your notifications at a minimum means action items have been addressed. 

What does it mean to "clear" Notifications? 

Each notification can be "cleared" manually by you. When you clear a notification, you're removing it from your action items. It's absolutely critical for you and your team to clear notifications after no more action is required on your part! 

For example, if you receive a notification about a comment from Katie asking you "when are we going to lunch?" - after you respond, you should clear that notification. That way, it's no longer there to clutter the rest of your action items. 

In-app Notifications

In ClickUp, you'll get notifications for tasks you are watching under the bell icon in the sidebar on the left side of your screen. You'll know you have an unread notification if you see this small colored dot over the bell and it is shaking.

Once you've opened up your notifications section, you can choose an action:

  • Click the bell icon next to a notification to clear it

  • Click the arrow icon to send the task to your tray

  • Click the eye icon to stop watching the task

Important Tips

  • Go through your notifications at the beginning of each day and send important tasks to your tray. That way, they'll always be top of mind when you need to address them!

  • If you accidentally clear a notification, don't worry! You can find it under the Cleared tab at the top of your notifications page.

  • Restore accidentally cleared notifications by clicking the "unclear" arrow

How Notifications affect Reporting

If you're on one of our paid plans, you'll be able to access our Reporting features. The results of two of these reports, in particular, depend greatly on your ability to keep track of in-app notifications.

Team Points Report: This is where you'll be able to see who's been working on and completing tasks, resolving assigned comments and more.

Who's Behind Report: Check to see who hasn't been clearing their in-app notifications and who has overdue tasks. 

Without checking in-app notifications regularly, it's likely that your teammates won't rank as highly as they could in these reports. More importantly, they may miss important updates and assignments. They also don't know if you've been checking your notifications.

Other Notification Options

ClickUp also gives you the option to set up granular notifications via email, mobile or browser. There are a few things to keep in mind about them:

  1. Granular notifications are set up at the person level. That means that each person in your Workspace must set them up based on individual preference.

  2. Granular notifications have no effect on Reporting. Only in-app notifications do.

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