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Organize your task, image, and Doc comments by nesting your replies with the threaded comments ClickApp, or quickly quote a specific part of a previous comment for detailed communications!

Threaded comments work by starting a completely new conversation right underneath a parent comment in your tasks, allowing for more focused discussions.

Screenshot highlighting the 'reply' option in a task comment.

How to add a threaded comment [ClickApp]

  1. Locate a comment in a task's activity

  2. Hover below the comment you wish to reply to

  3. Click Reply

  4. Add your comment.

How it works

  • You'll only be notified about activity on threads you are part of. This means when you get mentioned or assigned a comment on a thread, you're now part of that thread.

  • Unread threads will appear in the threaded comments icon in the task.

  • If you don't want to use threaded comments, simply turn off the ClickApp!

Turning off threaded comments will hide any previously threaded comments until the ClickApp is turned back on. 

How to quote a comment

Highlight text to address specific parts of a comment! This is especially useful if someone asks you multiple questions in a comment or there's lots of activity in your task.

  1. Open a task

  2. Highlight the text you want to reply to

  3. Click Quote

  4. Add your comment

How it works

  • The text you are replying to will be included as a quote in your comment

  • The person you are replying to will be tagged 


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