Configure advanced permissions

Set advanced permissions for your Workspace.

To set individual permissions for each user role, read our custom permissions article.

What you'll need

  • Some advanced permissions are only available on the Enterprise Plan:
    • Make new Spaces private: Enterprise Plan
    • Allow admins to manage private Spaces: Enterprise Plan
    • Block public sharing: Enterprise Plan
    • Private attachments: All plans
  • Only certain user roles can enable and disable advanced permissions:
    • Make new Spaces private: Owners and admins
    • Allow admins to manage private Spaces: Owners only
    • Private attachments: Owners and admins
    • Block public sharing: Owners and admins

Access advanced permissions

Advanced permissions are located in the Security & Permissions section of your Workspace settings. 

To access advanced permissions:

  1. Click your Workspace avatar then select Settings
  2. Select Security & Permissions.
  3. Scroll down to the Advanced permissions section.


Make new Spaces private

New Spaces are public by default. After this advanced permission is enabled, all newly-created Spaces will be private.

Once enabled, only the Private option is available when creating a new Space.Screenshot of the Share ClickUp modal with the option to share the newly-created Space or with select people. The Private option is selected by default.

After a new Space has been created, only Workspace owners and admins can make it public.

To make a private Space public:

  1. In the Sidebar, hover over the private Space and click the ellipsis... icon.
  2. Select Sharing & Permissions.
  3. Click Make Public.

Screenshot of the Share this Space modal with the Make Public button selected.

Allow admins to manage private Spaces

Allow admins to transfer Space ownership, add people, and remove people from newly-created private Spaces by enabling this setting. Admins can see the names of all private Spaces created after this setting is enabled.

By default, admins cannot manage private Spaces that were created before this permission was enabled unless the admin manually turns on the setting within the Space's Sharing & Permissions modal.

This permission is Workspace-wide and cannot be overridden when creating new Spaces.

Once enabled, an email will be sent to everyone in the Workspace letting them know that admins can now manage private Spaces.
To manage private Spaces:

  1. Click your avatar and select Settings. In the sidebar, click Spaces.
  2. Click the Inaccessible Spaces tab.
  3. Transfer ownership, add people, or remove people from the Space.

Screenshot of the inaccessible Spaces page with options to transfer ownership, add users, or remove users.

Read more about transferring ownership of inaccessible Spaces.

Private attachments

Enable Private attachments to make attachment links automatically expire one hour after the link has been generated.

New links to an attachment will be generated each time that a task has been opened or exported to ensure that no unwanted links remain accessible after your work is complete.

Setting attachments as private only applies to new attachments added after the feature has been enabled.

If the Delete Items custom permission is enabled and its Only if created checkbox is checked, you must be the task creator to delete attachments you previously uploaded. You cannot delete attachments others uploaded.

Block public sharing

Enable Block public sharing to increase security in three different ways:

  • Disable sharing links over one year.
  • Disable never expiring links.
  • Disable public template sharing.

Blocking public sharing does not prevent sharing of attachment URLs.

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