Transfer Space ownership

Spaces can only have one owner at a time. By default, the person who creates a Space is the owner.
Workspace owners, admins, and Space creators have extensive Space editing capabilities and access to Space settings.

What you'll need

  • Space ownership can be transferred on all plans.
  • The Workspace owner, admins, and Space creator can transfer the ownership of a Space. 
  • Guests can't change the owner of a Space.

Spaces Home

You can easily view, show, and hide all of the available Spaces in your Workspace using Spaces Home.

Transfer Space ownership

To change the owner of a Space:
  1. In the Sidebar, click the ellipsis ... to the right of the Space's name.
  2. Click Space settings.
  3. Select All Space settings.
  4. Click Owner.
  5. Search for or select a new owner.
  6. Click Save changes.

Transfer ownership of an inaccessible Space

Workspace owners can transfer ownership of inaccessible Spaces

If another member still has access to the Space, you can temporarily make them an admin so they can transfer Space ownership. Admins can only transfer ownership of inaccessible Spaces when:

To transfer ownership of an inaccessible Space:

  1. Click your account avatar then select Settings
  2. From the left Settings menu, select Spaces.
  3. Click the Inaccessible Spaces tab.
  4. Click Transfer Ownership next to the Space.
    • If there are no inaccessible Spaces, you will see a message saying You have no inaccessible Spaces.

Screenshot of the Transfer Space button.

When ownership of an inaccessible Space is transferred, it will move from the Inaccessible Spaces tab to the Spaces tab. You may need to refresh the Spaces tab to see the Space.

Use cases

Two common scenarios require a transfer of Space ownership:
  • If you'd like to leave a private Space or hide it from your Sidebar without deleting the Space, you'll need to transfer ownership first.
  • If someone else in your Workspace needs to delete or archive a Space, they'll need to be made its owner.

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