Request access to tasks

When a private task is shared with you, you will need to request permission before you're able to view the task.

What you'll need

  • Requesting access is available on every ClickUp plan.
  • Only the task owner can approve access to a private task.

Request access

To request access to a private task:

  1. Select Request access in the browser message.
  2. Once the task owner has approved your request, you will be able to access the task.

Image of the request access message

You can also request access to tasks from the mobile app!

Approve access

To approve access to a private task:

  1. Click the notification for the access request in your Inbox.
  2. Select the permission level you'd like to approve using the dropdown.
    Screenshot of the permissions levels in a task access request.
  3. Select Approve or Ignore.

You can also approve an access request from task view or in the Share menu. Just click the access request icon.

Screenshot of the icon showing pending access requests in Task view.

Screenshot of the request access notification from a task's sharing modal.


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