Cloud Storage: Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive/SharePoint & Box

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Connect Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive/SharePoint, and Box to ClickUp to quickly attach files and even create new Google Files from ClickUp!

Cloud storage is available on our Unlimited Plan and above. Cloud Storage integrations are available for use with the web app only.

People can authorize a single Google, Dropbox, OneDrive/SharePoint, or Box account per user per Workspace. This means you can use a different account for each Workspace you're in! 

How to Enable/Disable Cloud Storage

  1. Visit your Settings page

  2. Click Cloud Storage 

  3. Toggle the integration of your choice 

  4. Authorize the application for your Workspace

Screeenshot showing the cloud storage section of ClickUp.
Screenshot of someone authorizing Google Drive in ClickUp.

Note: When removing your Google account, it will be removed from the entire Workspace for security reasons. This will impact sending email from ClickUp, integrating your Google Calendar, and uploading attachments from Google Drive. You'll need to re-add your Google account to continue using these features.

How to Attach Files from Cloud Storage

  1. Open a task

  2. Click the Add button beside the Attachments section of the task

  3. Click the app of choice

  4. Locate the file you would like to attach

Screenshot of someone attaching a file from cloud storage.

Attach Files into Comments

Gif of someone adding a cloud storage file as a comment.

Note: ClickUp will indicate which cloud app your file is associated with via an icon on the attachment thumbnail.

Paste Drive URLs 

ClickUp automatically unfurls links to Google Drive or Dropbox files to quickly attach the link to your task.

Gif of someone pasting a Google Drive file as a URL.

Create a Google File from ClickUp

  1. Open a task

  2. Click the Add button beside the Attachments section of the task

  3. Click New Google Doc 

Screenshot of someone creating a Google file from their task in ClickUp.

Clicking Create Doc will automatically create the file in Google Drive and link it in your task!

View Google Drive Files without leaving a task

Gif showing how to view a Google Drive file inside of ClickUp.

No need to leave ClickUp to access your Google Drive files. View Slides, Docs, Sheets, and so much more directly in your tasks!

Why is a Paid Plan Required?

ClickUp's business model is centered around storage. With cloud storage, a Workspace would never reach their storage limit rendering our business ineffective, and we need to stay in business so you can keep enjoying ClickUp! 


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