Use task checklists

Checklists are an easy way to create and organize groups of to-do items within a task. You can even assign checklist items to another team member. 

What you'll need

  • Checklists are available on all ClickUp Plans. 
  • Everyone, including guests, can create checklists. 

Create a checklist

To create a checklist in task view: 

  1. Open the task where you'd like to create the checklist. 
  2. On the left side of the task window, scroll to the Checklists section. 
  3. Click the + to begin creating the checklist. 
    • In Task view 2.0, click + Add Checklist.
  4. Add each checklist item. 
    • If you paste a list of items, you're given the option to create multiple checklist items from it.

Image showing the plus icon to create a new Checklist

You can drag and drop items to reorder or move them from one checklist to another.

Edit checklists

After you create a checklist, you can use the ellipsis ... next to the checklist name to make changes. 

Image showing the checklist ellipsis menu

  • New Item: Add a new item to the checklist. 
  • Rename: Give the checklist a new name. 
  • Assign all to: Assign all checklist items to a single Workspace member. 
  • Unassign all: Remove the assignee from all checklist items. 
  • Check All: Check all of the items as complete. 
  • Uncheck All: Uncheck all of the items. 
  • Save as template: Save the checklist as a template. 
  • Delete Checklist: Delete the checklist and all its items. 

Nest checklist items

Items in your checklists can also be nested. A checklist item can contain up to 5 levels of indented sub-items.

To nest a checklist item you can either: 

  • Use the tab key when adding a new item or editing the name of an existing one.
  • Or, click and drag the item to the right using the drag handle. 

Animation showing how to nest checklist items

Find checklists and assigned checklist items

In List view, you can identify which tasks have checklists and how many checklist items have been completed. 

Look for the checkbox icon beside task names. The number next to the icon shows you the status of the checklist and its items: 

Image showing the checklist icon seen from List view

You can also show tasks that have checklist items assigned to you when using Me mode. 

Checklists in the Mobile App

Update checklists on the go with our Mobile App. Any new or edits made to task checklists in the Mobile app will appear in ClickUp on your computer.


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