Customize List view

Customize your List views to show exactly what you need!

What you'll need

  • Unlimited List views are available on all ClickUp plans.

  • Guests can customize specific elements of List views that have been shared with them unless the view has been protected.

Create List views

To create a new List view:

  1. Click + Add in the Views Bar to open the Views modal.
  2. Select List.
  3. Click Add View.

List view settings

To customize your List view: 

  1. In the upper-right corner, click Customize to open your List view settings. When you make changes to a view, a popup will appear in the lower-right with the option to Save the view. Click Autosave view if you would like all new changes to save automatically.

You have several options when customizing your List view.

Settings option Description
List options

Set the List options: 

  • Empty statuses: Show all statuses even if no tasks are currently using them.
  • Wrap text: Automatically wrap and expand the content of your tasks to reveal everything.
  • Task locations: Show location breadcrumbs on tasks.
  • Subtask parent names: Show parent task names directly above their subtasks' names.
  • Closed tasks: Show tasks in the Closed status.
  • Closed subtasks: Show subtasks in the Closed status.
  • Tasks in Multiple Lists: If you're using the Tasks in Multiple Lists ClickApp, show tasks added to this List from another location.
  • Subtasks in Multiple Lists: If you're using the Subtasks in Multiple Lists ClickApp, show subtasks added to this List from another location.
More settings

View additional List settings:

  • Add to favorites
  • Autosave view
  • Pin view
  • Protect view
  • Private view
  • Default for everyone 
  • Default to Me Mode
  • Reset view defaults
Fields Customize the List's Custom Fields. 
Filter Enable or disable List filters

Enable or disable task grouping.

You can also group by List at the Space and Folder level. 

Subtasks Choose how subtasks are displayed in the List. 
Templates Create and edit the List template or find a template using the Template Center. 
Copy link Copy the link to the List. 
Export Export the List. 
Sharing & Permissions Customize the List sharing and permissions settings. 

You can click Hide to temporarily remove the header in List view. To see the header again, click Filter. 2024-03-18_08-21-07.png

Collapse Lists

You can save space in your view by collapsing the Lists you're not using. To collapse your Lists, click the caret icon next to the name of any List to hide it from view.

Me Mode

By default, you'll see tasks assigned to everyone in your Workspace in List view. If you want to only see tasks that are assigned to you, activate Me Mode.

Once activated, you will be prompted to choose to include or exclude tasks where you have assigned comments, subtasks, or checklists.

Show subtasks

Customize how you display subtasks by clicking Subtasks in the upper-right corner. There are three different display options:

  • Collapse all: Hide all subtasks from view. Click the subtask icon to expand them in place.

  • Expand all: Expand subtasks directly beneath their parent tasks.

  • As separate tasks: Display subtasks as separate items from their parent tasks. This option also makes subtasks visible in your filtering results. 

Resize columns

To change the size of any column in List view, at the top of the column click and drag either side to the size you want. 

Animation showing how to resize columns in List view

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