Intro to Inbox

Inbox lets you communicate with your team across all tasks, Docs, Chats, and Lists from a single Inbox and puts your work side-by-side with notifications.

Your Inbox is personal to you and specific to each Workspace, so you'll only see updates from the Workspace you're actively working in.

You can customize the types of notifications you receive on the notification settings page.

With Inbox, you can:

  • Streamline collaboration: Inbox introduces a single place to quickly communicate with your teammates across all of your projects. 
  • Clear your Inbox faster: Clearing notifications has never been faster and the new keyboard shortcuts make it easier than ever.
  • Filter out the noise: Automatically highlight your most important notifications to help you focus on the work that matters.
  • Snooze notifications: Clear your inbox faster by snoozing notifications to follow up on them later.
  • Customize your Inbox experience: Choose your Inbox layout and preferences.
  • Get context like never before: See work and notifications side-by-side for the context you need to get things done efficiently.

What you'll need

  • Inbox is available on all ClickUp plans.
  • Everyone, including guests, can use the Inbox.
    • Guests will not see the name of users in the Workspace because they do not have full access. 

New notifications

When you receive new notifications, you'll see a badge with the number of new, unread notifications in the Sidebar.

Image showing the new notification indicator in the sidebar

Unread notifications appear with bold text and a pink dot on the right, with the most recent notification at the top. 


You will not receive notifications for any action that you perform yourself. 

Inbox tabs

The Inbox is separated into four tabs: Important, Other, Snoozed, and Cleared

Screenshot of the Inbox tabs.

The number in the Sidebar shows how many Important notifications you have. 



On this tab, you'll see notifications for your important activity including:

  • New comments or new replies in comment threads
  • Comments assigned to you
  • Tasks assigned to you
  • @mentions
  • @mentions for Teams you are a part of
  • Reactions
  • Lists, Folders, tasks, or Docs that are shared with you

If any notification in a group is considered important, the entire notification group will appear on the Important tab, even if the important notification has been read. For example, if task A has an important notification, all new notifications for task A will also appear on the Important tab. 


On this tab, you'll see notifications for any changes made to tasks where you are a watcher. The types of task activity include:

  • Newly created tasks
  • Task status changes 
  • Assignee changes
  • Task name changes
  • New subtasks
  • Custom Field changes
  • And other less important notifications


The Snoozed tab displays the notifications that are currently snoozed.

From the Snoozed tab you can:

  • Resnooze a notification.
  • Manually unsnooze a notification.
  • Mark a notification as read or unread.
  • Clear a notification.
    • Clearing a notification cancels the snooze.


On this tab, view all of the notifications that you recently cleared. Cleared notifications will remain on the cleared page for 30 days before being permanently removed. 

To move a cleared notification back to the Important or Other tabs: 

  1. Find the notification you want to unclear.
  2. Hover over the notification and click the Unclear button or press E.
  3. The notification will be moved back to tab, that it was cleared from in the order it was originally received.

You can also use CMD/Ctrl + Z to quickly undo the last action you performed. 

Customize Inbox

You can customize the Inbox settings by clicking Customize in the upper-right corner. 


You can use the Customize menu to change the following: 

  • Group by date: Enable or disable notifications grouped by the date they were received. 
  • Sort by newest first: Sort the Inbox notifications to show the most recent notifications first. 
  • Customize importance: Choose the Workspace activity that you want to see on the Important tab. Any activity that you do not enable will appear on the Other tab. 


  • Display mode: Change how notifications are displayed. Choose between Fullscreen and Inline
  • Notification settings: Open your notification settings
  • Keyboard shortcuts: View the Inbox keyboard shortcuts

Notification groups

In the Inbox, notifications are grouped together in the following ways:

  • The group by date option displays your notifications in sections based on the date they were received or will unsnooze.
  • Notifications from the same task, Doc, Chat, or List are grouped together and appear as one notification.
  • When a task, Doc, Chat, or List has both Important and Other notifications, they are grouped together and displayed on the Important tab.

For example, a comment is assigned to you on an overdue task you're watching. The overdue task notification appears on the Other tab. When the comment is assigned, both notifications are grouped together on the Important tab.

Use the context menu 

Right click any notification group to open the context menu where you can control each group using the following options: 


  • Clear: Clear the notification group. 
  • Mark as unread: Mark the group as unread. 
  • Snooze: Snooze the notification. 
  • Unwatch: Remove yourself as a watcher. 
  • Add task to: Add the task to another List. 
  • Open task: Open the task in full screen. 
  • Open task in new tab: Open the task in a new browser tab. 
  • Copy link: Copy the link to the task. 

Filter notifications

Use the Filter dropdown in the upper-right or the keyboard shortcut to filter the notifications in your Inbox.

  • Assigned to me (Shift + 1): Show only notifications from tasks or comments you're assigned to.
  • Mentioning me(Shift + 2): Show only tasks, Docs, or Chats where you've been mentioned.
  • Unread only (Shift + 3): Show only notifications that are marked as unread. 

View notifications

Each notification includes a short preview of the latest activity. From a notification preview, you can:

  • Mark as read/unread (U): Mark the notification as read or unread.
  • Snooze (Z): Snooze a notification until later
  • Clear (E): Clear the notification from your Inbox.


Expand notifications

To see more information and other notifications for the same task, Doc, Chat, or List, click on a notification to expand it. Notification groups are organized from most recent to oldest. 

Screenshot of an expanded notification.

A purple bar will indicate comments where you've been tagged. 

When a notification is expanded you can take the following actions using the buttons on the right:

  • Mark as read/unread (U): Mark the notification as read or unread.
  • Snooze (Z): Snooze a notification until later
  • Stop receiving notifications (W): Add or remove yourself as a watcher on the task.
  • Add to/Remove from Tray (Shift + T): Add the task to your Tray or remove it. Available for tasks and Docs only
  • Details (]): Open or hide the task or Doc in the right sidebar.
  • Clear (E): Clear the notification from your Inbox. 

With a notification expanded, you can also manage comments including:

  • Assigning a comment to a person or team.
  • Creating a Reminder from a comment.
  • Copying a comment URL.
  • Reacting to comments. 
  • Replying to comments.
  • @Mention a Workspace member in a private task to share it with them. 

Use ClickUp AI to summarize task comments

AI is available everywhere in ClickUp text can be used. Use ClickUp AI to summarize your Inbox comments and comment threads.
Take a look at our Intro to ClickUp Brain article for more info on purchasing and using AI. 

Work on a task, Doc, or Chat from a notification

From an expanded notification, click Details or press [ to view the task, Doc, or Chat side-by-side.

You can work with the task, Doc, or Chat without leaving your Inbox.

To close the task, Doc, or Chat without leaving the Inbox, click the x in the top right corner of the task or Doc to hide the right sidebar.

  • The next notification you open will remember your preference to have the right sidebar open or closed.

Screenshot of a notification and task side-by-side.

Clearing notifications

Clearing a notification moves it to the Cleared tab. To clear a notification from your Inbox:

  • Click the Clear button on the right.
  • Use the keyboard shortcut E.


Clear all notifications

You can clear all notifications on the current tab (Important, Other, or Snoozed) that meet the criteria of any filters you have applied.

To clear all notifications, click Clear all in the upper right.


Snooze Inbox notifications

Clear your inbox faster by snoozing notifications to follow up on them later. Snoozing allows you to temporarily hide notifications from your Inbox until a specific date or time, or if there's an update.

Screenshot of the Inbox, highlighting the Snooze button.

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