Use grouping in views

You can use the Group by menu to choose how your tasks are organized in your view.

What you'll need

Use grouping

From any of the supported views click Group by at the top of the screen to access the grouping options.

In List and Table view, you can quickly change the grouping by clicking the column header that you'd like to group by and selecting Group

You can group your tasks by the following: 

You can reverse the order of your groups by clicking on the icon beside your grouping selection. If you are grouping and filtering List view and Board view the same way, they will both share the same task order.

If tasks are sorted and grouped, the task grouping will be prioritized. Tasks will be grouped first, then sorted within the group. 

Collapse groups

You can hide groups you don't want to see by collapsing them.

To collapse a group, click the ellipsis ... menu next to a group, and choose Collapse.

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