Intro to Calendar view

You can use Calendar view for planning, scheduling, and even resource management. Drag and drop tasks, customize and categorize tasks, and plan out your day, week, or month in advance!

You can also sync your Calendar view with your Google, Outlook, or Apple calendars to consolidate tasks in one place.

What you'll need

Create a Calendar view

To create a Calendar view:
  1. Click + Add in your Views Bar to open the Views modal.

  2. Optional: You can check the Private view box if you don't want anyone else to access this view or the Pin view box if you want the view to always display in your Views Bar.
  3. Select Calendar.
  4. Once the view has been created you can give the view a name and customize it using the Customize menu on the right. 
  5. Choose how much time you want to see in your calendar by selecting the Month dropdown to the far right of the tasks search bar. You can choose from:
    • Day: See tasks scheduled for all day or for a set time.
    • 4 days: See a four-day period.
    • Week: See a week and move tasks around from day to day as needed. 
    • Month: See your entire month and move tasks around from day to day as needed.
You can use the right and left arrows next to the tasks search bar to go back to the last time period or ahead to the next one. To quickly jump back to the current day, click Today.
Screenshot of a Calendar view.

Move or delete a Calendar view

To move or delete a Calendar view:
  1. Click the ellipsis ... next to the view or right click the view. 
  2. Select Move or Delete from the dropdown.

Schedule tasks

By default, any task with a start and/or due date will automatically display on your calendar. You can drag and drop a task around the calendar to change the date. If a task has a time estimate set before you drop it into the calendar, the task will span that amount of time.

To see unscheduled and overdue tasks:
  1. Expand the Tasks section on the right side of your calendar.
  2. Click Unscheduled or Overdue.
  3. Drag and drop tasks onto the calendar to schedule them!
To show only tasks assigned to you by clicking Me in the upper-right corner of your calendar. In Me Mode, you can also choose to include tasks where you have assigned comments, subtasks, and checklists.

Create, view, and select tasks

For the month view, you can create new tasks by hovering over a day and clicking the + plus icon.Screenshot highlighting the ability to press the 'plus' icon on a particular day to create a task in Calendar view.
For all other views, you can quick-create tasks by clicking an empty area on the day at a particular time.

Use the Bulk Action Toolbar to quickly make changes to multiple tasks at once. Press command on Mac or control on Windows to select the tasks. You can select tasks more accurately by individually clicking them while holding down the appropriate key command.

Easily identify Milestones by the diamond icon and bolded task name.
Screenshot pointing out a Milestone task's diamond icon and bold text.

Customize your calendar

Customize and categorize tasks

From the Show menu, you can choose how you want your calendar to display. Customize task visibility, time formats, task dates, and more!

Filter tasks

From the Filter dropdown, select one or multiple filters to reduce clutter in your calendar.

Add national holidays

From the Your Calendars menu in the right sidebar, add national holidays to your Calendar view.

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