Preview and edit website links

When linking to websites outside of ClickUp, choose between embedding the link, hyperlinking, or creating a Bookmark Card.

When you hover your mouse over hyperlinks, you'll see a preview of the linked website content.

Create a Bookmark Card to display your links in a clean box that includes a snippet of text and any available images.

This is a great way to display articles, tweets, or anything from the web in your Docs and tasks!

Hover to Preview, Copy, and Edit Website links

Simply hover over a website link to see a preview of the website's content, including the title, description, and an image (if the linked website provides this information).

Edit, copy, or delete the hyperlink using the icons shown on the top right of the preview window.

Note: Users with view-only or comment permissions will only be able to copy the link to their clipboard

Animation showing the options available to preview and edit a link in a task description.

Automatic embeds

Some website links (such as YouTube and Figma) will automatically embed content when you paste them into a task or Doc!

If you'd rather just paste the plain hyperlink, simply use these handy keyboard shortcuts instead.

Mac: CMD + Shift + V
Windows: CTRL + Shift + V

Tip: You can disable automatic embeds using the plain text links setting which can be found under My Settings.

Websites that automatically embed

These website links will automatically create a large embed:

  • YouTube

  • Loom

  • Vimeo

  • Clip

These apps will automatically create a small embed:

  • CloudApp

  • Figma

  • Google Drive

  • Google Sheets

  • Google Docs

  • Google Slides

  • Miro

How to add a Bookmark Card

  1. Paste a link to an external website in a comment, Doc, or task description

  2. Select Create bookmark.

  3. Watch your link unfurl with additional details!

How to embed an external link

Embedding links to external websites is just as simple as creating a Bookmark Card!

  1. Paste a link to an external website in a comment, Doc, or task description

  2. Select Embed.

  3. Watch your link unfurl with additional details!

Link with Embed option highlighted.

Change a Bookmark Card or Embed

If you Dismiss and choose to display the URL that you paste, you must re-paste the link to access the options.

From a Bookmark Card or Embed, you can select the ellipsis ... menu in the top right of the item for additional options. If you choose to Remove, the item will return to a link.

Ellipses menu on existing Bookmark card showing options to Copy Link, Remove embed, or Delete.


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