Use Notepad

Notepad is a personal place to write down any type of notes you want. Make a grocery list, save important links or images, and even convert notes to tasks later!

What you'll need

  • Notepad is available on every ClickUp Plan.

  • Everyone, including guests, has unlimited access to Notepad.

  • Notes are private, so no one else in your Workspace can see them.

Enable or disable Notepad

By default, the Notepad is enabled. To toggle this feature: 

  1. Click your account avatar.

  2. Select My Settings.

  3. Scroll down and flip the toggle for Notepad on or off.

Create a note

To create a new note:

  1. Ensure Notepad is enabled in your settings.

  2. From anywhere in your Workspace, use the p hotkey or click the Quick Action button in the lower-right corner in ClickUp 2.0 and in the upper-right corner in ClickUp 3.0. 

  3. Title your new note.

  4. Type out your ideas.

    Not sure where to start? Click the + icon next to an empty Note to add a content block or set text formatting.

  5. Come back anytime. You'll be right where you left off! 

Use ClickUp AI

ClickUp AI can help you write, edit, or translate your Notepad content. Use ClickUp AI Tools to create role-specific content.

To learn how to purchase AI or enable a free trial, take a look at our FAQ.  

Add rich editing and attachments with /Slash Commands

Type / to use /Slash commands to a note to add rich editing like headers, bold font, and much more!

You can also use /attach or drag and drop files like images, gifs, and videos directly into your notes.

You can use checklists in your notes to add simple to-do list items for yourself. This is the perfect way to create a personal action item that might not relate to a specific task!

Notepad features

You have a couple of options when first opening the Notepad:

  • Search: Search your notes by keywords found in the title or description of a note.

  • Ellipsis ... menu: Click here to enable the Show archived option.

    Use the show archived option to view and restore archived notes!


When you hover over an individual note, or open a note and click the ellipsis in the right top corner, you will see four additional options:

  • Rename: Rename your note.

  • Archive/Unarchive: Archive or unarchive an individual note.

  • Delete: Delete your note.

    Deleted notes cannot be recovered.

  • Convert to task: Convert your note into a task.

  • Convert to Doc: Convert your note into a Doc.


When you open a note, you have four new options presented in the lower-right corner:

  • Print Description: Print your note.

  • History: View and revert changes to notes.

  • Full screen: Expand any note to fill your screen.

  • Convert to task: Convert your note into a task.


You can take your notes with you using the ClickUp Chrome Extension.


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