Using the Notepad

The Notepad is a personal place to write down any type of notes you want. Make a grocery list, save important links or images, and even convert notes to tasks later!

You'll need

  • Notepad is available on every ClickUp Plan.

  • Everyone, including guests, has unlimited access to Notepad.

  • Notes are private, so no one else in your Workspace can see them.

Enable or disable Notepad

By default, the Notepad is enabled. To toggle this feature: 

  1. Click your avatar in the lower-left corner of your Workspace.

  2. Select My Settings.

  3. Scroll down and flip the toggle for Notepad on or off.

Create a note

To create a new note:

  1. Ensure Notepad is enabled in your settings.

  2. From anywhere in your Workspace, use the p hotkey or click the Quick Action button in the lower-right corner of your screen.

  3. Title your new note.

  4. Type out your ideas.

    Not sure where to start? Click the + icon next to an empty Note to add a content block or set text formatting.

  5. Come back anytime. You'll be right where you left off! 

Add rich editing and attachments with /Slash Commands

Type / to use /Slash commands to a note to add rich editing like headers, bold font, and much more!

You can also use /attach or drag and drop files like images, gifs, and videos directly into your notes.

You can use checklists in your notes to add simple to-do list items for yourself. This is the perfect way to create a personal action item that might not relate to a specific task!

Notepad features

You have a couple of options when first opening the Notepad:

  • Search: Search your notes by keywords found in the title or description of a note.

  • Ellipsis ... menu: Click here to enable the Show archived option.

    Use the show archived option to view and restore archived notes!


When you hover over an individual note, or open a note and click the ellipsis in the right top corner, you will see four additional options:

  • Rename: Rename your note.

  • Archive/Unarchive: Archive or unarchive an individual note.

  • Delete: Delete your note.

    Deleted notes cannot be recovered.

  • Convert to task: Convert your note into a task.

  • Convert to Doc: Convert your note into a Doc.


When you open a note, you have four new options presented in the lower-right corner:

  • Print Description: Print your note.

  • History: View and revert changes to notes.

  • Full screen: Expand any note to fill your screen.

  • Convert to task: Convert your note into a task.


You can take your notes with you using the ClickUp Chrome Extension.


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