Become ClickUp Verified

Become ClickUp Verified as a power user, social ambassador, or ClickUp Consultant and we'll add the Verified Check to your Profile!

Become a power user

You'll automatically become a Verified Power User if you're in the top 10 percent of active ClickUp users.

No application is required. Our monthly data reports determine top in-product activity and engagement. Keep up the productivity!

Become a social ambassador

Promote ClickUp as a Verified Ambassador. Mention us on social media and share our content to become eligible for verification.

The quality of your ClickUp-themed content determines eligibility. We look for positive and supportive ClickUp vibes!

Take a look at our @clickup Instagram for examples. Fill out this interest form to be considered. We'll be in touch in 4–6 weeks.

Become a consultant

Help others as a ClickUp expert. ClickUp Verified Consultants help teams with Workspace configuration, streamlining workflows, onboarding, and more!

Read more about the benefits of becoming a consultant. Fill out the program application. We'll be in touch in 4–6 weeks.

Where does the Verified Check display?

The white Verified Check on a blue badge will display next to your name in the following locations throughout any Workspaces you have created or joined: 

When people hover over it, they'll see your status as a power user, ambassador, or consultant. 

Screenshot of a power user verified badge

Share your verified status

To share your verified status on social media:

  1. From anywhere in your Workspace, open your Profile.

  2. Hover over the Verified Check and click Learn more.

  3. From the Verified Check modal, click Share.

  4. Select a social media platform. 

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