Text formatting overview

Insert rich text, like headings and banners to make your ideas stand out. Use buttons and dividers to add style. Organize with a sticky table of contents and tables.

Text formatting is also available in tasks, subtasks, Docs, Whiteboard, Columns, Chat view, text block Dashboard cards, and Notepad.

Not sure where to start? Click the + icon next to an empty Doc, task description, comment, or note to add a content block or set text formatting.

Widgets were renamed to cards on March 9th, 2023.

Key Features

The following text formatting options are available in ClickUp.

Formatting options vary depending on where you are in your Workspace.

Rich text formatting

Organize large blocks of text with formatting like toggle lists, colored backgrounds, and Columns:

Hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts

From anywhere in your Workspace except a text field, press Shift + ? to bring up a list of hotkeys and shortcuts.


/Slash Commands

Use our custom shortcuts to quickly add rich text, attach images, move a task, change a due date, and more!


Code blocks

Code blocks with syntax formatting interpret just about any coding language with colorized clarity.


Content blocks

Content blocks allow you to organize and style your content as a block, rather than line by line.




Convert markdown to rich text formatting without leaving your keyboard. You can use traditional markdown shortcuts, and we've added some custom ones, too.



Add emojis to give your content some flair!



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