Use Columns for content layouts

Use Columns to easily create layouts that match your content. For example, insert Columns side by side to produce a perfectly aligned blog-style layout. Or save space by arranging content in a grid.

Use Columns with rich text formatting and embedded content to communicate more effectively!

Use Columns when you want an engaging layout with controlled text alignment. Use Tables when you need to arrange connected text in rows and columns.

What you'll need

Add Columns

Create a grid layout by inserting more Columns below another Column block using a /Slash Command.

  1. From a Doc, Notepad, or task description type /cols

    Animation of columns
  2. From the Column variation menu, select the number and width of Columns

    • You can click the drag handle to move the Column horizontally within that Column block or vertically into another Column block

  3. Use /Slash Commands or the toolbar to add rich formatting, attach images, and embed media like videos and GIFs

Edit Columns settings

There are two Column settings menus, one for the whole Column block and one for each individual Column.

Edit Column block settings

To display the menu options for the whole Column block, hover inside any of the Columns in the block.

Screenshot of the left menu options on Columns
  • Click the drag handle to move the Column block vertically

  • Click the gear icon to open the Columns Settings menu to:

    • Align content to the top, middle, or bottom of a Column

    • Duplicate a Column block

    • Reset Column widths to distribute Columns evenly if you've manually changed a Column width

    • Delete the Column block and its contents

  • Click the + icon to add another Column

  • You can click or hover inside the Column block and drag the bar to resize Columns at any time

Note: You can insert a block of up to eight side-by-side Columns in Docs and a block of up to four side-by-side Columns in Notepad and task descriptions.

Edit individual Column settings

To display the menu options for one Column in the block, hover inside the Column you want to edit.

Screenshot of the columns settings menu
  • Click the drag handle to move the Column block vertically

  • Click the Trash icon to delete that Column and its contents


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