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Templates can be kept private, or shared with specific people, Teams, or everyone in your Workspace. You can also share a link with anyone outside of your Workspace.

If you've built a template you think would be helpful for the entire ClickUp community, check out how to share your creation with the world!

What you'll need

Share a template

  1. Click the ellipsis ... next to a List, Folder, or Space.

  2. Select Templates, then select Browse Templates.

  3. From the Template Center, select a template.

  4. In the top right, click Share.

  5. From the Share Template modal, choose a Workspace sharing option.

  • Only Me

  • Everyone (including guests)

  • All Members

  • Admins

  • Select people

    • This option includes Teams.

Share with a public link

You can enable public sharing so anyone outside your Workspace can access your template.

  1. From the Template Center, select a template.

  2. From the Share Template modal, click Share.

  3. Enable Public sharing.

  4. Click Copy link.

  5. Share the link.

Note: Assignees and @ mentions will only be retained in a shared template if they're a part of the destination Workspace.

Use a shared template

To use a shared template, you must be signed in to your ClickUp account on a web browser and paste the link in a new tab.

The Use a template modal opens in the new tab and with options for using the shared template.

  1. From the Workspace dropdown, select a Workspace.

    • You can keep the same name or type a new one.

  2. Select Also save a copy of this template if you want to save it in your Template Center library. Otherwise, the template will just be applied to the location you choose.

    • The template is shared with all of your Workspace members by default. You can select to keep the template only for your use, to share with admins only, or select specific people from your Workspace.

  3. Click Use template.

  4. The template is now applied to the Workspace you selected!

Changes to this template are only made in your Workspace, and don't affect any other version of the template.

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