Invite guests to your Workspace

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Guests are great for working with people outside your organization who only need to access specific items in your Workspace.

In ClickUp, guests are added to Folders, Lists, and tasks. To add a guest, find what you want to share, and invite your guest to it!

What you'll need

  • You can invite guests to join a Workspace on any ClickUp Plan.

    • You can't limit guest permissions on the Free Forever Plan.

    • You can invite guests with a full range of permissions on any paid Plan Workspace.

    • Guests with more than view-only permissions or that are added to Teams will take up a paid guest seat.

    • If you don't have any paid guest seats available, you'll be charged a prorated amount based on your billing cycle for a paid member seat to increase the number of paid guest seats available.

    • The Business Plus Plan and Enterprise Plan Workspaces also have custom roles and custom permissions available.

  • Workspace owners, admins can invite guests to specific items in a Workspace.

  • Workspace members can invite guests to access specific items with the same or lesser permissions.

Invite a guest

You can only invite guests to join your Workspace while sharing the following items:

Members can invite guests while sharing tasks, Lists, Folders, Docs, Dashboards, and Goals. They can only grant invited guests the same permissions or less.

Invite a guest while sharing:

  1. Click the settings menu ellipsis of the item that you want to share with the guest.

  2. Open the Sharing & Permissions menu.

  3. Type the email address of a guest you'd like to invite.

    Screenshot of the 'share this task' modal where a user can type out the email address of a guest to invite them.
  4. Click Member to switch their role to Guest.

    Screenshot of the usr roles dropdown when inviting someone to a task in ClickUp.
    • Note: We'll let you know if you'll be charged when inviting someone to join your Workspace.

  5. Choose their permission settings on the right.

  6. Click Invite.

  7. The guest will receive an email shortly inviting them to join your Workspace!

Tip: Workspace owners and admins can resend or cancel invitations sent to guests!

Manage guests

Workspace owners and admins can manage guest permissions and the availability of certain features from the People settings page.

  1. Click your Workspace avatar in the lower-left corner.

  2. Select People.

  3. Click Guests.

  4. Review and update guest settings, including:

    • Role: Change the guest's permission to convert them to a member, admin, or apply a Custom Role.

    • Access: See the number of items that have been shared with the guest.

    • Permissions: Set an individual guest's optional permissions.

Screenshot highlighting guest permission options in the Guests tab of the People settings page.

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