Quick create tasks

Quickly create tasks from anywhere in your Workspace using the + Task button!

What you'll need

  • Unlimited tasks and Quick Create are available on all plans.
  • Everyone except guests without full permissions can quick-create tasks.

Quick-create from anywhere

You can quick-create tasks from anywhere in your Workspace!

To quick-create a task, in the lower-right corner, click + Task.

  • If you have hotkeys enabled, you can also press t to open the quick create modal.

Screenshot of the quick create modal.

To load an existing task template, click the wand icon at the bottom of the modal.

  1. Name the task and select a location for it in your Workspace. You can also add optional task details.
  2. Once you've finished drafting, you can click Create task. You can also hover over the caret icon next to Create task to see more task creation options:
    • Create and open: Create the task and open it.
    • Create and start another: Create the task, then populate a new blank task.
    • Create and duplicate: Create the task, then populate another task with the same information.

If you need to save your task as a draft, click the Minimize draft button in the upper-right of the quick create modal. Your task will be sent to the bottom of your Tray.


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