Sort and filter Command Center results

Searching for an item in Command Center but can't find it? Organize search results by sorting and filtering.

What you'll need

Sort search results

When you open the Command Center, you'll see the latest items you interacted with. Once you start typing, search results are automatically sorted by relevance.

To change how search results are sorted:

  1. Under the Command Center search bar, click Relevance.
  2. Select one of the sorting options:
  • Relevance: Sort items by relevance.
  • Last Updated: Sort items by when they were last modified.
  • Last Created: Sort items by when they were created.

Screenshot of the sorting options in Command Center.

Filter search results

There are four ways you can filter results in the Command Center:

  • Type: At the top of the Command Center, click the tabs to only show tasks, Docs, Whiteboards, Dashboards, chats, files, people, or comments in your search results.
  • Location: In the upper-right corner of the Command Center, click Current location or + Add location under Location Filter to only show items within specific locations in your search results.
  • Quick filters: On the right side of the Command Center, use the options under Quick Filters to only show items Assigned to and/or Created by specific people in your search results.
  • Task filters: On the right side of the Command Center, use the Status dropdown to show only Active or Closed tasks. Use the Archived toggle to show only archived tasks in your search results.

    To access archived Lists, Folders, or Spaces, you must also click Show archived in the left Sidebar.

  • Apps: On the right side of the Command Center, you can click a connected app logo to filter results by that app.

Image of the Command Center options.

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