Command Center

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Use commands to create items and navigate through your Workspace.

You can also search your Workspace right from the Command Center modal!

What you'll need

  • Command Center is available on all ClickUp Plans.

  • Some commands depend on user roles and permissions.

Open Command Center

You can access Command Center from the Sidebar or from anywhere in ClickUp using keyboard shortcuts.

  • Use Cmd + K on a Mac.

  • Use Ctrl + K on a PC.

  • Click Search in the Sidebar to open Command Center.

Available commands

Type / to browse available commands.

If you know the name, you can also type a few letters of a location or item in your Workspace. For example, start typing Go to display the Go to options. Or start typing Home to display the Go to Home option.

Screenshot of the list of Commands.

Select the tabs below the search bar to find specific types of items like tasks, Docs, whiteboards, Dashboards, Chats, Files, or People. 

Recent and relevant items

When you open Command Center, you'll see your most recently opened items, sorted by relevance!

By default, we display search results in order of relevancy. To sort by most recent, click the sort button and select Recent.

Hover your mouse over any item to:

  • Copy link: Copy the item's URL to your clipboard.

  • Tray: Minimize a task to the tray.

  • New Tab: Open the item in a new tab.

Screenshot of search results highlighting the buttons to copy link, add task to tray, or open in a new tab.

Switch between Workspaces

You can quickly switch between Workspaces using the Switch Workspace command.

  1. From Command Center, type Switch.

  2. Choose another Workspace and press Return or Enter to switch to that Workspace.

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