Merge Tasks

Merging tasks can help you consolidate similar items by combining task descriptions, assignees, comments, attachments, and subtasks.

For example, at ClickUp we merge tasks to manage duplicates. If multiple people report a similar bug, we merge those tasks together so our team can capture the details about a bug in one place.

What you'll need

Merge tasks

Merging tasks is a permanent action that cannot be undone. Make sure you want to combine the tasks you are merging!

Merge two tasks

You can merge any task into another task individually.

  1. Open a task.

  2. Click the ellipsis ... to open the task settings menu.

  3. Click Merge from the dropdown menu.

  4. Select the other task you would like to merge your current task into.

Merge multiple tasks

You can also merge two or more tasks together without opening each task.

  1. From a List or Board view.

  2. Select as many tasks as you'd like to merge together.

  3. Click the Merge icon on the Bulk Action Toolbar

  4. Choose which task the selected tasks should merge into.

Screenshot highlighting the 'merge' option found in the Bulk Action Toolbar.

What gets merged

When you merge two tasks together, information from the first task is added to the second task.

For example, if we merge task A into task B:

  • Task B keeps its title.

  • Task B will keep its tags, priorities, dates, recurrence, time tracked, Custom Fields, and estimated time.
  • Task A's description is added to the bottom of task B's description.

  • Task A's assignees are added to task B.

  • Task A's comments are added to task B.

  • Task A's attachments are added to task B.

  • Task A's subtasks are added to task B.

  • Task A's Custom Field values are only added to task B if task B doesn't have any information in the same Custom Field.

  • Task A's activity log is not added to task B. 
  • Task A's Task ID is not added to task B. 
  • If task A has a Custom Field that isn't available on task B, we'll prompt you to either:

    • Add selected CFs: Adds the Custom Field to task B.

    • Do nothing: merge the tasks without retaining the Custom Field.

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