Statuses FAQ

This page contains frequently asked questions about Statuses!

Why am I seeing statuses on a view that I don't recognize?

Statuses can be customized at the List, Folder, and Space Hierarchy level. If your view is at the Folder, Space, or Everything level, it's possible that there are custom statuses set up on a List, Folder, or Space.

Why are my statuses showing out of order?

There are two places you can set the order of statuses. You can re-order statuses when creating or editing statuses in your Space, Folder, or List settings.
You can also reverse of the order of statuses in views that are grouped by status, such as List view and Board view.

How do I add detailed steps to my workflow using statuses?

You can create additional statuses, or use a Custom Field such as a Dropdown to create and use secondary statuses.

Set up Automations to update your secondary status Custom Fields when the task status changes!

Can I use different statuses for subtasks?

Subtasks will use the same statuses as the List where they belong. 

Will tasks and subtasks added to other Lists use different statuses?

No. Tasks in Multiple Lists and Subtasks in Multiple Lists will always use the statuses from their primary home List.

Why does my status icon look different?

If your List, Folder, or Space just has two statuses such as To Do and Complete, we'll show a checkmark icon instead! If you have more than two, we'll show a square-shaped icon.

Why did my status change automatically?

If a status changed and you did not make the change manually, check if Automations or third party programs are involved. For example, a Github commit or an Automation from Zapier or Integromat can change a status. 

Why is my status missing?

Sometimes you might have a status in one List that is using the same name as a status in another List but they are actually two different statuses.

To troubleshoot this issue, use one of the methods below: 

  • Check the Hierarchy. 
  • Check task comments or activity see where the status was last seen. 
  • Check remapping choices. 

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