Intro to guests

Guests are people you've invited to your Workspace by sharing specific items with them. Guests only have access to those shared items. 

Guests are usually people external to your organization. You can also invite internal guests

Owners and admins can allow or restrict individual guests from using specific features. For example, you can give a contractor access to Time Tracking so they can record the hours they worked.

What you'll need

Internal and external guests

On paid plans there are two types of guests, internal and external. Guest type and pricing determined in the following way:

  • External guests: External guests are people from outside your organization like partners and contractors.
    Charges for inviting them are calculated according to your permission-controlled guest-to-member ratio. There is no charge for inviting external view-only guests. 
  • Internal guests: People from inside your organization. 
    Inviting internal guests costs the same as adding a member to your Workspace.

The two guest types are based on several things, including SSO authentication and email domain.

Free Forever plans can invite an unlimited number of guests with full permissions only

Guest access

The following table outlines what guests can and can't access or do within your Workspace:

Guests can Guests can't
  • Be invited to tasks, Lists, or Folders.

  • Be invited to individual Docs, Goals, and Dashboards.

  • Can use Docs attached to tasks with the same permissions as they have to the task.

  • Can use Doc views on Lists or Folders.

  • Access Trash to view and restore items they deleted.

  • On any paid plan, a full range of permissions settings is available for guests.

  • See the task IDs of related or dependent tasks except where they have explicit permission to the related tasks.

  • Use ClickApp features (such as Sprint Points) as long as they have can edit or full permissions to the task, List, or Folder, and the relevant fields are not hidden (such as Time Estimates).

Invite guests to your Workspace

Workspace owners, admins, and members can invite guests to a Workspace. You can only invite guests when sharing a specific item with them.

Manage guests

Guests are easily identified by the orange squares in the lower-right of their avatars. 


From your Workspaces People page, you can manage guests in the following ways:

  • See the number of external and internal guests in your Workspace.
  • Track when guests were last active
  • Update a guest's user role, access, permissions, and settings. 

You can also hide individual Custom Fields from guests. 

Workspaces on our Enterprise Plan can also apply Custom Permissions to guests.


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