Use Folder templates

Use Folder templates to quickly set up new projects in your Workspace. You can browse our collection of prebuilt templates or create and use your own.

What you'll need

  • Folder templates are available on plan.
  • Guests can't use Folder templates.
  • Members and above can create, edit, apply, and delete templates.

Apply a Folder template

Create a new Folder using a template.

To use a Folder template, you'll need permission to access the Folder that was used to create the template. This includes private and deleted Folders.

  1. In the Sidebar, hover over the Space where you want to add a Folder.
  2. Click the plus icon.
  3. Select From template.
  4. In the Template Center, search for a template from your Workspace or use a template created by the ClickUp community. 
    • You can search by selecting Folder from the Template Types menu on the left.
      Screenshot of someone filtering by Folder tempaltes in the Template Center.
  5. Click a Folder template to see more detail.
  6. Select Use Template
  7. Edit the Folder name, location, import options, and project date options. 
    Learn more about remapping dates.
  8. In the lower-right corner, click Use Template.

Create a Folder template

To create a new Folder template:

  1. Create a Folder or use an existing Folder.
  2. In the Sidebar, hover over a Folder.
  3. Click the ellipsis ... icon.
  4. Select Templates
  5. Click Save as Template
  6. Add a template name, description, tags, sharing options, and import options.
  7. In the lower-right corner, click Save Template.

Update a Folder template

To update an existing Folder template:

  1. Create a new Folder from a Folder template.
  2. Make all changes to the new Folder.
  3. In the Sidebar, hover over the new Folder and click the ellipsis ... icon.
  4. Click Templates.
  5. Select Update existing Template.
  6. Search for and select the Folder template you want to update.
  7. In the lower-right corner, click Next.
  8. Update the name, sharing, or import options.
  9. In the lower-right corner, click Save Template.

Delete a Folder template

If you don't need a template anymore, you can delete it. Deleting a Folder template is permanent and can't be undone.

To delete a Folder template:

  1. In the upper-left corner, click your Workspace avatar.
  2. Click Apps and select Template Center.
  3. From the Template Center, search for and select the template you want to delete.
  4. Next to the template name, click the ellipsis ... icon.
  5. Click Delete template
  6. To confirm, click Delete.

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