Create a Folder

Create new Folders to customize and add organization to your Hierarchy.

Create a Folder

To create a new Folder:

  1. From the Sidebar, hover over a Space name and click the plus icon.
    Screenshot of the plus icon next to a Space in the Sidebar.png
  2. Select Folder.
  3. In the Create Folder modal, select the New tab to create a new Folder from scratch or select the Templates tab to create a new Folder using a template.

    • If you're setting up a new Space from scratch, enter a Folder name, a List name, and set sharing preferences and task statuses.

  4. Click Create Folder.

    When using a template, remap due dates to preserve their relative times.

Set up Custom Fields

You can use Custom Fields to add fields like checkboxes, dates, and dropdowns to a task.

To set up Custom Fields for a Folder:

  1. From the Sidebar, hover over a Folder name and click the ellipses ... icon.
  2. Select Folder settings.
    Screenshot of the Folder settings option in a Folder ellipsis menu.png
  3. Click Custom Fields.
  4. From the Custom Field Manager, select Add existing field or Create new field.

    On the Free Forever Plan, 60 uses of Custom Fields are available.

Set Folder statuses

Set statuses for your Folders for better insight into your team's progress.

Any Folder status you use will automatically show in the Portfolio Dashboard card.

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