Intro to Lists

Lists are in the middle of ClickUp's Hierarchy and hold every task in your Workspace. Tasks cannot exist outside Lists.

Screenshot of the ClickUp Hierarchy.

Folders are optional and can hold multiple Lists, creating a more granular organizational structure.

What you'll need

  • Lists are available on all plans.
    • The number of Lists and Folders that can be created in a Workspace varies. Take a look at our pricing page for full details.
  • Guests cannot create, edit, or delete Lists.
  • Up to 5,000 tasks can load at a time in one view.

Create a List

To create a new List:

  1. From the Sidebar, hover over the Space or Folder where you're creating your List.
  2. Click the plus icon.
  3. Select List.
  4. Name your List and click Create List.

Edit, archive, or delete a List

To edit an existing List:

  1. From the Sidebar, hover over the List you want to edit.
  2. Click the ellipsis ... icon.
  3. Choose from the available editing options:
  • Rename: Rename the List.
  • Copy link: Copy the URL of your List to quickly share it.
  • Add to favorites: Add the List to your favorites.
  • Duplicate: Duplicate the List.
  • Move: Move the List to a different Folder or Space.
  • Convert List to Sprint: Turn the List into a Sprint.
  • Email to List: View the custom email address associated with the List so you can create tasks via email.
  • List Info: View the List info.
  • Templates: Apply a template to the List, save the List as a new template, or update an existing List template.
  • List settings: Edit Automations, Custom Fields, or statuses for the List.
  • Archive: Archive the List.
  • Delete: Delete the List.
  • Sharing & Permissions: Edit the sharing and permissions of the List.

We recommend archiving Lists rather than deleting them so you can access their data in the future.

List info

In List view, click the ellipsis ... next to the name of any List located at the top of your screen to view the List info. You can record any relevant information about the List you're working on here, including comments, attachments, Priorities, owners, watchers, and general descriptions.


Find Lists in your Workspace

Lists display in different locations depending on where you are in your Workspace.

Task view

Open a task to see its parent List, Folder, and Space in the upper-left breadcrumb section.

The Sidebar

All of your Spaces, Folders, and Lists are located in your Sidebar. Hover over a Space, Folder, or List to reveal expansion options.

Screenshot highlighting the caret icon used to expand Spaces, Folders, and Lists in the Sidebar.

List view

In List view, tasks are automatically separated by List. When looking at Spaces in List view, the name of each List's parent Folder displays above it.

Status progress

In List view, the status of each task is tracked by a progress icon. Click the status progress icon to change the task's status. 


Board view

In Board view, click Show in the upper-right corner to toggle on Task locations.

Parent Lists and Folders display in the upper-left corner of each task.

Screenshot highlighting the breadcrumbs section in Board view.

Team view

In Team view, click Show in the upper-right corner to toggle on Task locations.

Parent Lists, Folders, and Spaces display above each task name.

Team view is available on the Unlimited Plan and above.

Screenshot highlighting the breadcrumbs section in Team view.

Gantt view

In Gantt view, you can visualize Lists by their color.

To do so:

  1. In the upper-right corner, click Show.
  2. Click Color Scheme.
  3. Select List.

Unlimited uses of Gantt view are available on the Unlimited Plan and above.

Set up Lists

How you set up your Lists depends on what type of work you want to accomplish using ClickUp! We've put together two real-world examples to reference when setting up your Hierarchy.

Lists for digital agencies

Running a digital agency? Create a Folder for each of your clients, and use Lists to detail the services that you will perform for each client. For example, your might have Lists titled Inbound Marketing, SEO, and Social Media Outreach.

Lists for content creation

Use ClickUp for any type of content creation. You can create Folders to separate your big-picture action items. For example, you could create Folders for Monthly Newsletter, Seasonal Campaigns, or Marketing Automation.

Create Lists to separate your brainstorming sessions from tasks that are actively contributing to your Folders. Under Monthly Newsletter, you could add Lists entitled Ideas, Blog Posts, and User-suggested Topics.

You can check out our pre-made List templates for more ideas!

Change List colors

You can customize your Lists by adding unique colors to them.

There are 23 unique colors available for Lists and Folders. Each color can be used once.

To change a List color:

  1. In the Sidebar, click the List color icon to the left of a List.
  2. Choose one of the displayed colors or click Add/edit colors to see more options.


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