Remap dates in templates

Start and due dates on tasks in a Space, Folder, or List can be saved to a template.

When you apply the template, you can use the original Start and Due Dates or update them to a different date by remapping them.

What you'll need

  • Guests can't remap dates in templates.
  • This feature is not available when using an Automation to create or update a task. 

Remapping dates in templates

When applying a Space, Folder, or List template that contains tasks with any combination of start or due dates, you can choose to remap those dates.

Below is a List that's used as a template for marketing campaigns. Not all marketing campaigns will be run in August, but those projects will usually take a month, and tasks will generally need to be completed around the same time for each campaign.



When applying the template, the marketing team can update all their task start and due dates by remapping them. Instead of manually updating every task, all the tasks will be updated when the template is applied.

Tasks with either a start date or due date

When tasks only have either a start or due date, only the included date will be remapped. Remapping dates does not automatically fill in missing dates on your tasks.

Tasks with a start time or due time

You can also include a start or due time in a template. 

For example, if a task in your template originally has a start date of 8/1 at 8 am, and you remap the start date of your template to 12/1, the task will remap to 12/1 at 8 am.

Remapping options

You can choose how to remap dates each time you apply a template.

Remapping by start or end date

You can choose to remap your tasks by setting a new start date or a new end date (final due date).

  • Start date: Set a new start date for the tasks in the template. This is perfect when you know when a project is going to start.

  • End date: Set a new end date for the tasks in the template. This works best when you know your project’s deadline.

Apply a template and account for weekends

When applying a template, you're given the option to remap dates and to skip weekends. 

It's not possible to skip holidays when remapping dates in templates at this time. Vote on this feature request if you'd like to see it implemented!

Including weekends

The number of total calendar days are counted. For example, if there are three days between the start and due date of task A, there will be three days between the start and due date of this task after remapping. 

To apply this template: 

  1. From the Sidebar, click the ellipsis ... next to the Space, Folder, or List where you're applying the template.

  2. Select Templates, then Browse Templates.

  3. Click to open the template you're applying.

  4. Click Use Template.

  5. Select Remap Dates.

  6. Choose a new start date. 

    • In this scenario, we're choosing a start date. You can also choose an end/due date. 

  7. Click Use Template.

When you apply this template, you remap from Thursday, 12/29/22. You don't enable Skip Weekends. Your new due date is set at 1/12/23, 14 days later.

Skipping weekends

When you apply this template, you remap from Thursday 12/29/22. You enable Skip Weekends.

Let's say task A starts on 12/1/22 and is due on 12/9/22. It has a duration of six working days.

Let's say task B starts on 12/5/22 and is due on 12/6/22. It has a duration of one working day.

The start date of the task with the earliest start date, task A in this example, will be mapped to the date you provided, 12/29/22. Because it has a duration of six working days, its new due date will be six working days after its new start date. 

The start date of Task B is remapped relative to Task A's start date. Because  it originally started two working days later than task A, task B will be remapped to two working days after Task A's new start date. Because it has a duration of one working day, its new due date will be one working day after its new start date.

Task example Original start date Original due date Remapped start date Remapped due date
Task A 12/1/22 12/9/22 12/29/22 1/6/23
Task B 12/5/22 12/6/22 1/2/23 1/3/23

When skipping weekends, the start and end dates on the remap dates modal won't update until you apply the template.

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