Remap dates in templates

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If any tasks in your Space, Folder, or List templates have start and due dates, they can be saved when you create a template. When you use the template, you can use the original Start and Due Dates or update them to a different date by remapping them.
This is a handy option when you have recurring time-blocked tasks, like quarterly events.

What you'll need

  • Templates are available on every ClickUp Plan.

  • Anyone, including guests, can use templates.

    • Note: Guests only have access to templates for Docs, tasks, and views.

Remap dates

When you remap dates, you can choose whether to change the start date or the due dates for your tasks.
Let's say you start working on a series of tasks at the beginning of each month. Create a template to duplicate the List or Folder and set the start date for the first of next month. Then the end date of all tasks in that location are automatically set for the end of next month.

  • Start date: Set a new start date for the tasks in the template. This is perfect when you know when a project is going to start.

  • Due date: Set a new due date for the tasks in the template. This works best when you know your project’s deadline.

You'll see the end date in the Due Date field of your task.

Note: If any task is missing a start or end date, the included date is remapped to the next month. The missing date won't be automatically set.

To remap your dates:

  1. From Sidebar, click the ellipsis ... next to the Space, Folder, or List where you're applying the template.

  2. Select Template Center, then Browse Templates.

  3. Click the template you're applying to open it.

  4. Click Use Template.

  5. Select Remap Dates.

  6. Choose a new start or end date.

  7. Tip: You can choose to skip weekends. In this example, the start date is 05/1/22, which is a Sunday. If you click Skip Weekends on, the start date for your tasks will be pushed ahead to Monday 05/02/22.

  8. Click Use Template.

Note: Don't worry if the date doesn't update correctly in the Use Template modal. Weekend days are accounted for when you click the Use Template button. Task dates in your new template will be correct.

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