Statuses for Folders

By default, Folders inherit the statuses of their parent Spaces. You can set unique statuses for your Folders if you need to differentiate your workflow statuses for your Folders.

What you'll need

Set up Folder statuses

Mark your tasks with custom, color-coded statuses. 

To set up custom Folder statuses:

  1. In the Sidebar, hover over a Folder.
  2. Click the ellipsis ... icon.
  3. Click Folder settings.
  4. Select Task statuses.
  5. Select a status template or create custom statuses for the Space.
  6. Click Add status under the various status groups to create new statuses. You can also click the ellipses ... next to an existing status to rename it, change its color, or delete it.
  7. In the lower-right corner, click Apply changes.

Add or edit Folder statuses from a task

From an open task, you can add or edit your Folder statuses.

To add or edit statuses:

  1. Open a task. 
  2. Underneath the task name, click the status name, then click the settings icon.

    Screenshot of the status name after it was selected. The gear icon is highlighted.
  3. From the statuses modal, add or edit a status. 

Conflicting statuses

If you move a task to a Folder that doesn't have the same statuses, you'll see a modal to convert your old task statuses to the new Folder's statuses. To convert them, select the new status for your task and click Done.

Screenshot of an error message showing conflicting statuses.

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