Customize a template

After finding a template in the Template Center, perfect it!

By default, the original template's settings are included when you apply it. When you update or apply Space, Folder, List, task, and checklist templates you can choose only the settings you want.

What you'll need

  • Templates are available on every plan.

  • Guests only have access to templates for tasks, Docs, views, checklists, and Whiteboards.

  • Guests with edit or full permissions can update templates.

Customize your template

Creating and applying templates is a bit different than updating. When updating an existing template, customizing the included items will overwrite the template.

Depending on the template item, some of the following options will be different. Learn how to customize a Doc, view, checklist, or Whiteboard template.

To customize a Space, Folder, List, or task template:

  1. Click the ellipsis... next to the item or from an open task. 
    • Doc and Checklist templates can be accessed differently. 
  2. Select Template Center, then Update existing Template.
  3. Update any of the settings.

Import options

You can choose to keep as little or as much of the template as you want by selecting Import everything or Customize import items.

If you select Customize import items, check or uncheck the items you would like to import.
When you create, update, or apply a template, all options, project dates, and archived tasks are included in the duplicate by default.


Project Dates

You can keep the start and end dates of the projects in your tasks or you can remap all of them.

Skip Weekends

If you remap your dates, you can make sure the dates don't fall on the weekend.

Import tasks as open

You can import the tasks that are in the template but change them all to Open status again, rather than Closed.

Include archived tasks

If you'd like to include archived tasks, you can keep them archived. If your team will need to use the tasks again, choose to keep them unarchived in the new location.

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