Add preview images to templates

You can add preview images to templates that are in your Template Center library to give your teammates a clue about the template's use case. For example, you could use the following roadmap image for your team's roadmap template!

Screenshot of a template using an image of a road with milestone markers on a Roadmap Template.

What you'll need

  • Templates are available on every plan.

  • Guests only have access to templates for tasks, Docs, views, checklists, and Whiteboards.

  • Guests with edit or full permissions can add preview images to templates.

Add images

To add an image to a template:

  1. From the Sidebar, click the ellipsis ... next to a Space, Folder, or List.

  2. Select Templates, then Browse Templates. You can also access the Template Center from a task, Doc, view, or checklist. The menu choices for these locations vary.

  3. From your Workspace library, click a template to open it.

  4. Drag and drop an image, or click browse to upload one.

JPG, JPEG, and PNG are the supported formats. Image size will vary depending on screen size. The most common size is 420 x 250 pixels.

  • You can click the plus icon to add more than one image! You'll know there is more than one image because arrows display to shuffle the images and a dot displays for each added image.

Screenshot showing how to add two preview images to a template.

  • If you make a mistake you can delete the image by clicking the Trash icon.

    Clicking Use Template saves the image. After it's saved, only the template creator can delete images. Preview images are permanently deleted and do not go to your Workspace Trash. 

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