Add a template to your library

From the Template Center, you can browse a selection of templates for Spaces, Folders, Lists, tasks, Docs, views, checklists, and Whiteboards. You can add a ClickUp community template to your Workspace's library so it's easy to find and apply whenever you need it.
After you save templates to your library, you can share and customize them.

Templates can also be applied to subtasks and statuses, but these types are not accessed from the Template Center.

What you'll need

  • Templates are available on every plan.
  • Guests only have access to templates for tasks, Docs, views, checklists, and Whiteboards.
  • Guests with edit or full permissions can add templates to your library.

Add a template

  1. From the Sidebar, click the ellipsis ... next to a Space, Folder, or List.

  2. Select Templates, then Browse Templates.

    • You can also access the Template Center from a task, subtask, Doc, view, checklist, or the Add/Edit Statuses modal. Choices for these locations vary.

  3. From the Template Center, select a template.

  4. Click Add to Library.

    Screenshot showing how to add a Community template to your Workspace's library.
  5. Rename the template, add a description, share it, or give it a preview image.

  6. The template is now displayed at the top of your Template Center, and the original version is still available in the ClickUp Community section.

  7. To instantly apply the template, hover over it and click Quick Use. You can also click the template to open and customize it.

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