Use Space templates

Space templates are a powerful way to give your teams, departments, and large projects a head start!

Spaces can include Folders, Lists, tasks, views, Automations, and more! Capture all that into a template so your team can start working together on projects faster.

We have a few incredibly powerful Space templates available from our Community as well as those you create for your Workspace.

Using agile project management? Be sure to give our Agile Management Space templates a try!

What you'll need

  • Space templates are available on every plan.
  • Guests can't use Space templates.
  • Members and above can create, edit, apply, and delete templates.

Use a Space template

Create a new Space using a template.

To use a Space template, you'll need permission to access the Space that was used to create the template. This includes private and deleted Spaces.

  1. Click + New Space at the top of your Spaces section in your sidebar.
  2. Select the Templates tab from the Create new Space window.

  3. Or click on the Space Settings ellipsis for an existing Space you want to apply a template to.

  4. Select Templates and then Browse Templates.

  5. Browse for a Space template from the Template Center.

  6. Preview the details of the Space and then select Use Template.

  7. Select your Space name, Import options, and then select Use Template. 

Your Space will use the selected Template!

Create a Space template

  1. Create a Space, and add all the Folders, Lists, tasks, views, and Automation you want to use in a Template.

  2. Click the ellipsis ... next to the Space in the sidebar.

  3. Select Templates. 

  4. Select Save as Template. 

  5. Enter a template name, select your sharing preferences, and import options.
    Screenshot showing the sharing preferences and import options when saving a Template in the Template Center.

  6. Click Save

Any required views are saved when creating a Space Template and will be used when the Template is applied to new Spaces. 

Update a Space template

  1. Create a new Space using the template you want to update.

  2. Update the Folders, Lists, tasks, views, and Automations in your Space.

  3. Click the ellipsis ... next to the Space in the sidebar.

  4. Select Templates. 

  5. Select Update Existing Template. 

  6. Search and choose the Space template to update

  7. Click Next. 

  8. Optional: rename and update the sharing preferences for your template

  9. Select your Import options

  10. Click Save.

Delete a Space template

Need to tidy up your Space templates? Consider deleting ones you no longer need.

Be careful! Once you delete a template, it's gone forever and cannot be recovered.

  1. Open the Template center.

  2. Select the template you wish to delete.

  3. In the template preview, select Delete Template. 
    Screenshot showing how to delete a Space Template.


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