What makes ClickUp different from other Project Management products?

We created ClickUp out of frustration with other project management apps. No matter how many apps we tried, we were never able to find a platform that made us happy. 


Issues with other products included:

  • The platforms were either way too simple, or ridiculously complex

  • We had to use many apps in parallel 

  • There was no way to see everything, in one bird's-eye view 

  • We never knew what people were working on, what work people completed already, and what work they should do next

  • The little things always sucked; why can't the little things be GREAT? 

Why do we have to use so many apps to get things done? Calendars, docs, knowledge-bases, spreadsheets, dashboards, mind mapping, notes, tasks, roadmaps - why are all of these separate apps? 


Why ClickUp?
Unlike other productivity apps, ClickUp is a platform that can be tailored to any and all use cases from simple to complex. ClickUp works for every type of team, so all teams can use the same app to plan, organize, and collaborate. You can create custom views in ClickUp that allow you to get insight into anything going on in your organization. 


ClickUp is one app to replace them all. It's your place to work, no matter who you are or what you do. Some really cool things you can do with ClickUp:


  1. Create views, customize them, and share them with anyone 

  2. Add resources like Conversations, Docs, and even Mind Maps that you can work on without leaving ClickUp

  3. Prioritize what you and your team should work on next, and know exactly what everyone is working on in real-time 

What's different about ClickUp?
More than just task management - ClickUp offers notes, docs, reminders, goals, calendars, high level and customizable views. 


What features are unique to ClickUp?
Here are just a few ClickUp features that you won't find anywhere else:

  • Tray: Minimize a task or Doc into your tray so you can come back to it at any time. It's the perfect way to plan out your day!

  • Custom views create views of anything so you can keep tasks, docs, timelines, boards, conversations - all in one place

  • Docs: Better than Notion, you've got full editing features along with slash commands and embedding. Plus, share your docs publicly with anyone

  • Slash commands: Work faster than humanly possible by just typing /  to access hundreds of quick shortcuts and editing features 

  • Real-time Collaboration: see who's viewing and commenting in real-time 

  • The Notepad: Jot down meeting notes, to-do lists, random brainstorming ideas and more. If you're a fan of GTD methodology, you're gonna love this.

  • Goals: track OKR's alongside your tasks

  • View all tasks in one view: Start with a high-level perspective of every task within your Workspace, and then drill-down to see exactly what you need.

  • Multiple Views: Switch between 5 different views at any time to visualize tasks on your own terms.

  • Embed views: Create your own custom views to pull your own apps into ClickUp

  • Assigned Comments: Create an action item directly within any comment, almost like a mini subtask.

  • Team View: Manage resources and see what people are working on, who's overloaded, and who needs more tasks

  • Integrations: Explore a plethora of native and external integrations, almost all of which are available for free users.

  • ClickApps: Customize your Workspace's experience at the Space level. Choose to enable features depending on the amount of detail you need in your workflows.

  • Plus 50+ "little big features" that you'll find when you start using ClickUp. Hint- try right clicking on a task :) 

Our mission is to make the world more productive with ClickUp's core concepts: 


1. Design

At the end of the day, beautiful design is great, but it only matters when it also makes user experience exceptional


ClickUp's core platform is based entirely around providing a perfect user experience. This translates into more efficiency and productivity, less headaches, and a product you're sure to fall in love with. 


2. Customer Service

We believe that, in general, customer service sucks. We also believe that it shouldn't be that way. We truly care about our users more than anything in the world, and we'll go above and beyond to prove it.


Our customer support team is working every day of the week to ensure that you get the answers you need as quickly as possible. Reach out to us at help@clickup.com, and we'll get back to you ASAP!


3. Customization

ClickUp empowers you to manage your workflow independently with literally dozens of customizable features. Each Space, Folder, and List has its own set of optional features to choose from. 


You can then create custom ways of viewing your tasks and add resources called 'Page views' like docs, spreadsheets, and mind maps. 


With ClickUp's customization options, you can decide what is and is not visible within your project management platform, cutting out the clutter so you can get to work.


4. Features & Functionality

We're committed to providing transparency when it comes to the additions we plan for ClickUp. We release a new version of ClickUp, nearly every single week. 


We'll never stop innovating. Check out our roadmap to see where we're heading next.


5. Built for Everyone 

Traditionally, teams and individuals use more than one project management product to accomplish their workflows. For example, they'd use Todoist for a to-do list, Invision for design, and JIRA for development. 


We believe this disconnect is a root cause for inefficiency and communication barriers between departments in your team.


Spaces provide ample customization options so that ClickUp can be utilized by every team imaginable, from marketing, to engineering, to operations. They ensure that tasks and information can be quickly shared.


This also means you can use ClickUp for personal life organization at the same time. 


6. Hierarchy 

At the heart of project management is organization. We strongly feel that structure is broken in other platforms, which is why we created the ClickUp Hierarchy. 


At first it can be a bit daunting, but in practice it actually makes life much easier.  Once you start with structure, you'll always have it. And once you have it, you'll love it!


Check out this page for more tips on how to be productive with ClickUp.



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