I Want to Switch My Team Over - But How?

Even though you know how much it would benefit your team, it can be daunting to ask your boss to make the switch to a new project management software.

Below is what we've found most helpful for users experiencing this dilemma: 

1.  Determine who on your team will make the decision.

  • Know your target. If your team manager is analytically based, or ruled by what corporate says, this will influence how you should approach them about making a change. Our customer support team is always happy to work with your team to find pricing that will work for your situation!

  • Talk with your co-workers and connect them to our features page. Once they see all of the flexibility and possible productivity they are missing out on, they'll be ready to help you approach the boss!

2.  Use evidence-based reasoning to change the mindset of the decision maker.

The decision maker needs to understand the tangible gain at stake in order to make a big change. Here are a couple of suggestions on how to appeal to typical decision makers:

  • Project Manager. "Hey Jorge! The team and I have found a tool that will allow us to communicate what we are working on both with you and with the clients, without having to waste so much time on meetings!"

  • CEO. "Hey Janet! Here's a link to a tool that I have found will save us $xxx,xxx.xx a year by simply making us more productive! The calculations attached are based off of wasted time on meetings, miscommunication, expensive software and lack of adoption from our unintuitive current PM software."

Point out that with ClickUp, your whole team can work in one consolidated platform. ClickUp is made to increase productivity and cut down on the lost time that comes with using multiple tools. Our platform enables you to save time and valuable resources, while improving your team's overall communication.

Not to mention, ClickUp offers multiple features for personal productivity which can remain totally separate from your team's workflows. Check out our Notepad feature as one example!

3.  Make the switch as smooth as possible.

If you have the details worked out and make a reasoned appeal to increase your team's productivity, there is little chance your manager will say "No"!

Next steps:


Will it be more expensive than what I am using now?

No. We pride ourselves on being quick to respond, utilizing a faster workflow thanks to our own productivity platform. Because of this, we are able to offer you a price that will work for your team, with all of the necessary functionality included in your plan! 

We are already using another PM (Asana, Trello, Todoist, JIRA, other), I don't want to lose all of our hard work!

We have an import system to make for a seamless transition into ClickUp! You can schedule an import with one of our awesome customer support experts here!

Is there a trial period just in case?

There is! We understand that many of our customers would like an additional opportunity to test out ClickUp's features.

We have a great Free Forever Plan which you can use for free— forever! If you're interested in a trial of one of our paid plans, just reach out to our support team. We'll be happy to help.


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