Filter tasks in Calendar view

Reduce the clutter in your Calendar view by filtering your tasks!

What you'll need

Filter tasks in Calendar view

To filter tasks:
  1. Click Filter in the upper-right corner of your Calendar view.
  2. Click + Add Filter.
  3. Select the filters you'd like to apply. 

You can also save a filter or group of filters for later use by clicking on Templates in this menu and selecting Save active filters.

Show closed tasks

You can use a filter to show closed tasks in Calendar view. 

To show closed tasks:

  1. In the upper-right, click the filter icon.
  2. In the first dropdown, select Status.
  3. Leave the second dropdown as Is.
  4. In the third dropdown, select Closed and any other statuses you'd like to see in Calendar view.
  5. Click Confirm.



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