Google Calendar Syncing

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Display your Google calendar events alongside ClickUp tasks when using the ClickUp Calendar view. You can also sync to display ClickUp tasks on your Google Calendar!

ClickUp keeps track of changes to titles, start dates, and due dates. When two-way sync is enabled with this integration, changes made to synced tasks will automatically update in your Google Calendar. Changes made to a synced task in Google Calendar will update in ClickUp.

You may need to occasionally re-authenticate the email addresses you've added to ClickUp based on your email provider or organization's security policies by visiting the email integration page in your Workspace settings.

What you'll need:

  • A Google Calendar

    • Tip: To ensure your most-used Google Calendars are not booked by ClickUp tasks, we recommend creating a brand new Google Calendar. You can quickly show or hide the new Google Calendar to reveal your tasks.

  • Any ClickUp Plan

  • Anyone, including guests, is able to sync to Google Calendar

  • The Google Calendar integration uses cookies to maintain the sync between Google and ClickUp. Some web browsers, add-ons, or extensions may delete cookies required for the integration to work.

Sync Options

When adding a Google Calendar, you can choose to either Sync events to ClickUp or Sync tasks to Google.

Sync events to ClickUp

Synced Google Calendar events display in all Calendar views of every Workspace that you are a member of. Note: Google Calendar Tasks will not sync.

  • Only calendars from the My Calendars section of Google are available.

  • You can toggle your specific Google Calendars on or off.

  • Events created in Google Calendar do not create a new task in ClickUp.

Sync tasks to Google

You can sync content from multiple Workspaces, Spaces, Lists, and Folders to your calendar.

  • When syncing tasks to Google, you can drill into your Hierarchy to sync tasks from a Space, Folder, or List.

  • Tasks must have a start or due date in order to sync. Tasks without start or due dates in ClickUp will not be synced to Google Calendar.

  • Tasks with due dates in the past will not sync to Google Calendar.

  • Future recurring tasks will not sync from ClickUp to Google, only the current instance will be shown.

  • You can't sync ClickUp tasks to a shared Google Calendar, only to a personal Google Calendar.

  • If the task doesn't have a start time, the start time is set to midnight.

  • Tasks created in ClickUp that have dates, but no specified times are set to All day events in Google.

  • Tasks bulk sync to Google Calendar up to 60 days in the future to prevent overwhelming the system and Google’s API.

Add a Calendar

Follow the instructions below to add a Google Calendar:

  1. You can connect your Google Calendar to ClickUp in the following ways:

    1. From any Calendar view, open the right sidebar and click + Add Calendar.

    2. From your Profile avatar menu, click My Settings and then click Calendar located under the My Apps section.

  2. Click +Add Account.

    Gif showing options for syncing Google events to a ClickUp calendar.
  3. Select your Google account. If you have not connected an account, select Connect new account and follow the steps to authorize.

  4. Select either Sync events to ClickUp or Sync tasks to Google. To enable two-way sync, repeat these steps for both options.

    1. If you select Sync tasks to Google, you need to specify:

      1. The Google account

      2. The Google Calendar to sync to

      3. The ClickUp locations to sync from

      4. Whether to sync all tasks in the location or just tasks assigned to you

  5. Click Next.

  6. Click Got it! 

When removing your Google account, it will be removed from the entire Workspace for security reasons. This will impact sending email from ClickUp, integrating your Google Calendar, and uploading attachments from Google Drive. You'll need to re-add your Google account to continue using these features.

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