Add attachments to tasks

Upload files to your tasks to add context!

What you'll need

  • Task attachments are available on every ClickUp plan.
    • Our Free Forever Plan includes 100 MB of storage.

    • All paid plans include unlimited storage.

  • Guests can upload attachments.

  • The maximum size of a file you can attach to a task is 1GB.

Add attachments

Dragging and dropping files on the left side of the task uploads them to the task. Attachments uploaded on the left side will only be visible in the task's Attachments section.

Alternatively, click upload in Task view to select files to upload.

Dragging and dropping files on the right side of the task inserts them into a new comment. You can add additional information before posting your comment.

Attachments in comments still display in the Attachments section on the left side of a task. 

Alternatively, you can click the attachments icon when creating a comment to upload files.

Attachments added by users who have been removed from the Workspace are retained.

Delete attachments

If you no longer need an attachment, you can delete it from the task.

Deleted attachments cannot be recovered from the Trash.

To delete an attachment:

  1. In the Attachments section of the task, hover over an attachment.
  2. Click the ellipsis ... icon.
  3. Click Delete.

Learn how to delete attachments in List Info, Docs, and the Notepad.

Custom Field Attachments

Use the Files Custom Field to add and organize files directly from a List view. Attach one or multiple files to a single column, or create multiple columns to fit your workflow! 

Example of the files custom field.

Delete an attachment from List view

To delete an attachment from a column in List view:

  1. Next to the file you want to delete, click the plus icon.
  2. In the attachment preview section of the menu, click the x icon next to the attachment you want to delete.

Attach files from cloud storage

Learn how to attach files from the following cloud storage apps:

Download all attachments

Download all your task attachments into a zipped file for easy sharing.

To download all task attachments, click the download icon in the upper-right corner of the Attachments section.
Screenshot of the download all attachments button in Task view 3.0.png

Rename attachments 

To rename an attachment:

  1. In the Attachments section of the task, hover over an attachment.
  2. Click the ellipsis ... icon.
  3. Click Rename.
  4. Name the attachment.
  5. Press Enter on Windows or Return on Mac.

Preview attachments

Click any attachment to preview it. Video attachments can be sped up or slowed down using the playback speed options, ranging from 0.5x to 2.0x speed.

From the preview window, you can share attachments externally by clicking the share icon in the upper-right corner. By default, the share link never expires.

Screenshot showing the copy URL icon for an attachment

Zoom in or out on attachments

Click on the plus or minus icons in the upper-right corner of your preview to zoom in or out on the attachments. You can also use the + or - keys on your keyboard!


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Enable private attachments in your Workspace

Admins and owners can enable this feature to make all attachments uploaded to a task automatically expire an hour after the link has been generated.

New links to an attachment will be generated each time a task is opened or exported to ensure that no links remain accessible after completing your work.

To make attachments private for your Workspace:

  1. In the upper-left corner, click your Workspace avatar.

  2. Select Settings.
  3. In the sidebar, click Security & Permissions.
  4. Scroll down to Advanced permissions and enable Private attachments.

This setting only applies to new attachments added to tasks after the feature is enabled. While notes and reminders can be added to a task, they're not attachments and the private attachment setting does not apply to them.

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