Create a Whiteboard from a template

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Templates help you jump-start your everyday Whiteboard activities so you can spend more time brainstorming. Options include Flow Charts, Stand-ups, and Sticky Note Packs.

Don't forget to add related tasks to your Whiteboard so you can collaborate on ideas right alongside your work!

What you'll need

  • Whiteboards are available on every ClickUp Plan.

  • The number of Whiteboards that can be created depends on your plan:

    • Free Forever: 3 Whiteboards.

    • Unlimited: 10 Whiteboards.

    • Business, Business Plus, and Enterprise: Unlimited Whiteboards.

  • Guests can use Whiteboards.

  • If using Google Chrome, we recommend enabling hardware acceleration.

Add a template to a Whiteboard

There are two ways to add a template to your Whiteboard, either when adding a Whiteboard or from an open Whiteboard.

When adding a Whiteboard
Screenshot of the Whiteboard templates modal, with a selection of templates.

A template selection is available when you first add a Whiteboard.

From an open Whiteboard
Screenshot of adding a template using the template button in the Whiteboards toolbar.

From an open Whiteboard, you can also click the Template button in the Whiteboard toolbar.

Use Whiteboard templates

Templates give you some ideas of what's possible with Whiteboards! Like all Whiteboard objects, you can customize templates using the Object toolbars.

Flow Chart

Create a workflow, a process flow, a swimlane flow chart, or a data flow chart.

Concept Mapping

Show relationships between a network of interconnected ideas. To map out concepts related to one idea try Mind Maps!

Stand-up and Retrospective

Quickly prep for these Agile events every sprint. Use the Sprints ClickApp and add templates to Whiteboards right alongside your work!

Reverse Brainstorming

Use this template if your team knows the problem but not the solution. With this technique, you identify ways you could cause the problem. Then reverse the results to create a list of ways to solve the problem.


Collaborate and innovate with your team. For a few minutes, everyone writes down their ideas for solving a particular problem. Then they pass their idea to the next person to add to or refine.

2x2 Matrix

Make decisions more efficiently by plotting your options on two axes and four quadrants. For example, you could plot high effort/low effort on the Y-axis, and high cost/low cost on the X-axis.

Sticky Note Pack

Select this template when you simply need a lot of sticky notes.

Animal Drawing Battle

Get in some team-building time with this fun template. Pick an animal, set a timer for 30 seconds, and everyone draws as fast as they can!

If this type of visual brainstorming works for you, try Mind Map.

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