Organize templates with tags

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Use color-coded tags to quickly organize your templates. Add a tag after creating the perfect template for a Space, Folder, List, task, Doc, view, or checklist.

You can add or edit tags in the Template Center at any time.

What you'll need

  • Templates are available on every ClickUp Plan.

  • Anyone, including guests, can use templates.

    • Note: Guests only have access to templates for Docs, tasks, and views.

Add template tags

  1. From the Sidebar, click the ellipsis ... next to a Space, Folder, or List.

  2. Select Template Center, then Browse Templates.

    • Tip: You can also access the Template Center from a task, subtask, Doc, view, or checklist. Choices for these locations vary.

  3. From the Template Center, click a template to open it.

  4. Click the tags icon to expand the dropdown menu of all the tags in your Workspace.

    Screenshot showing how to add tags to a template.
  5. From the dropdown menu, select one or more tags.

  6. Tip: Click the ellipses ... to the right of a tag to delete, rename, or change the tag color!

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