Pin a Cover Image

When using Board View, the first picture attached to a task is automatically set as the cover image. To change the image, you can pin any attachment to the task.


What you'll need

  • Pinning a cover image is available on every ClickUp Plan.

  • Everyone, including guests, with Edit permissions, can pin an image.

Enable cover images

To enable cover images in Board view:

  1. In any Board view, click Show in the upper-right corner.
  2. Toggle on the option to Show images on cards

Pin a cover image

When you pin a cover image, it will appear when you're in Board view, and also at the top of the task when you open it.

To pin a cover image:

  1. Open a task.

  2. In the Attachments section in the lower-left corner of your task modal, hover over an image to reveal the pin icon.

  3. Click the icon to pin or unpin the image.

View Pinned Images in List View

You can view a task's pinned image in List View by hovering over the image icon.


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