Tableau integration

Integrate with Tableau and use data from your ClickUp Workspace to create a snapshot of your data.

The Tableau Web Connector will be deprecated soon.

What you'll need

  • The Tableau Web Connector is only available on the Enterprise Plan.
  • You need to have Tableau Desktop enabled to use the ClickUp integration.
  • Only Workspace owners and admins can manage integrations.
  • Guests can't use the Tableau integration.
  • You can only connect one ClickUp Workspace at a time.

Enable the Tableau integration

To add the Tableau Web Connector to your Workspace:

  1. Open the App Center by clicking the Quick Action menu in the upper-right corner.
  2. Click App Center.
  3. From the App Center sidebar, select Development.
  4. Click Tableau.
  5. Generate your unique URL.
  6. Copy the URL.
  7. Open Tableau.
  8. Under the Connect tab, select Web Data Connector.
  9. Paste the URL from ClickUp and press enter on PC or return on Mac.
  10. Log in to your ClickUp account.
  11. Select your Workspace.
  12. Wait for the request to process. Learn more about the web connector.

Data that can be used from ClickUp

You can bring the following information from ClickUp into Tableau:

Tableau FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the Tableau Web Connector.

Q: Is the Tableau Web Connector a live, two-way sync?

A: No. When you prepare the data source in Tableau, it takes a snapshot of the current data, not any historical data. You can use Tableau Bridge to update the data and re-authenticate the connection.

Q: Is the integration enabled or disabled by default?

A: The Tableau Web Connector is disabled by default.

Q: Can the Tableau Web Data Connector write data into ClickUp?

A: No. It can only pull information into Tableau for visualization and analysis.

Q: Who can access the data in Tableau via the Web Data Connector?

A: An admin or owner needs to enable the connection for the Workspace. After it's enabled, any member can use the server URL to access ClickUp data in Tableau! The Tableau Web Connector follows the individual member permissions used in ClickUp.

Q: Which version should I use?

A: We recommend using the latest version of Tableau. The integration is compatible with Tableau versions 2020.3.1 (20203.20.0918.1727) 64-bit and later.

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