Create a Folder

Creating new Folders from your Sidebar in ClickUp is easy!

Create a Folder

  1. Click plus + next to the Space you're adding a Folder to then select New Folder
  2. In the Create Folder modal select the New tab to create a new Folder from scratch, or select the Templates tab to create a new Folder using a template

  3. If you're setting up a new Space from scratch, enter a Folder name, a List name, and set sharing preferences and task statuses

  4. Click Create Folder

    When using a template, remap due dates to preserve their relative times.

Set up Custom Fields

With our Custom Fields feature, you can create a completely unique task field to set a value, budget, or really anything for a task! Here's how to set them up for a Folder:

  1. Click the ellipses ... next to the Folder you're setting up Custom Fields for

  2. Select More from the Folder Settings menu then select Custom Fields
  3. Select a field from the Manage Custom Fields modal, enter the field name and set field options in the Create field modal. Or click Use an existing field at the bottom of the Manage Custom Fields modal, and choose a field that's already being used in your Workspace

Teams on the FreeForever Plan are limited to 100 uses of Custom Fields.

Set Folder statuses

Set statuses for your Folders for better insight into the progress of projects. Use RAG tracking to determine if a project is At Risk (Red), Behind (Amber) or On Track (Green).

Any Folder status you use will automatically show in the Portfolio card on your Dashboard. Sort this card by Folder status to easily see how projects are moving and keep your organization on track!

Widgets were renamed to cards on March 9th, 2023.


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