Sort and filter Dashboard widgets

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Organize the data shown on your Dashboard widgets by sorting them! Filter the data to report on tasks that meet specific criteria.

Different widgets will have different sorting and filtering options available.

You can use Dashboard filters to apply filters to all of the supported widgets on your Dashboard.

Any Dashboard filters and widget filters will apply when viewing your Dashboards on our Mobile App!

Sort widget data

You can sort Bar chart and Battery chart widgets. You can sort them by:

  • Alphabetical: sort the x-axis from A-Z or Z-A

  • Values: sort the widget based on the data values (such as number of tasks) from highest to lowest or lowest to highest

  • Manual: set a custom order for the x-axis to sort the data

Note: Sorting is not currently available for Bar Charts with the x-axis set to Time.

To access both sorting and filtering:

  1. Hover over the top right corner of your Dashboard widget

  2. Click Sort

  3. Choose your sort preference

  4. The widget will be updated accordingly

Screenshot of a bar chart widget highlighting the sort option.

Change the sort direction

Sorting by Alphabetical or Values allows you to change the sort direction.

  1. Hover to the right of the sort options

  2. Click the arrows icon to change sort direction

  3. The widget will be updated accordingly

Screenshot of the Sorting menu highlighting the change sort direction arrows icon.

Filter widget data

Add task filters to Dashboard widgets to show the data that matters. You can filter widgets by the same filter options available in views including:

  • Assignees: View tasks assigned to a specific user in your Workspace.

  • Status: Only show tasks in a certain stage of your workflow.

  • Creator: View tasks created by specific people.

  • Date created: See tasks created on a certain date, or within a certain timeframe.

  • Date updated: Display the tasks that people have recently worked on. Select a specific date or a before/after date.

  • Date Closed: Display when the task was moved to “closed” status.

  • Due date: Filter out tasks that aren't going to be required in the near future. Select a specific date or a before/after date.

  • Start date: See all tasks with specified start dates. Select a specific date or a before/after date.

  • Priority: Sift out tasks that don't require immediate attention.

  • Assigned comments: Refine your task list and only show tasks with (or without) assigned comments.

  • Tags: Set your filter to match any or all selected Tags. You can also filter for all tasks that do not contain tags.

  • Is recurring: See only the recurring tasks in your workflow. Alternatively, see all tasks that are not recurring.

  • Archived: Show tasks that are archived, or include archived tasks in your overall filtering view.

  • Custom Fields: Filter by a completely unique task field that you create for a value, budget, or really anything!

  • Dependencies: See which tasks are "waiting on" or "blocking" others. Alternatively, filter to see which task do/don’t contain dependencies.

  • Time Estimates: See which tasks do/don’t contain estimates. You can also specify a greater than/less than/equal to value for the filter.

  • Time Logged: See which tasks do/don’t contain time logs. You can also specify a greater than/less than/equal to value for the filter.

  • Location: Filter to show select Spaces, Folders, and/or Lists

Add a filter

To add a filter to a dashboard widget:

  1. Hover to the top right of a widget

  2. Click on Filter

  3. Click on the field you want to filter by

  4. Set your filter preferences

  5. The widget will be updated accordingly

Screenshot of a Battery chart widget highlighting the filter button.

Historical data

Where our Dashboard widgets show tasks over a period of time, tasks that meet the criteria today will be included. Their historical information (such as Status) may vary from the filter criteria.

For example, a task was waiting in the To do status for 10 days before being updated to In Progress.

Adding a filter for Status is In Progress will include that task in the data on Dashboard widgets, which will reflect that it was in the To do status for those first 10 days.

Screenshot of a Task list widget highlighting an active filter.

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