Drill-down view for Dashboard cards

Drill-down into certain Dashboard cards to see more details.

What you'll need

  • Chart drill-down view is available for the following Custom Dashboard cards:
    Card Plan Requirement
    Pie Chart

    Business Plan and above

    Bar Chart

    Business Plan and above
    Battery Chart Business Plan and above
    Line Chart Business Plan and above
    Calculation Business Plan and above
    Total time in Status Business Plan and above
    Task List All plans
  • Everyone, including guests, can use Chart drill-down view.
    • Guests can only be invited to Dashboards with view only permissions.
    • Guests will only see cards on a Dashboard if they have access to the tasks, Lists, or Folders included in the card.

Drill-down into cards

To open Chart drill-down view:

  1. Open a Dashboard with one or more cards that support drill-down view.
  2. Click a column, slice, segment, or data point to open the drill-down view.

To the left, you'll see a larger version of the chart. Click a data segment to see its tasks in detail.

To the right, you'll see a list of all tasks within the data segment you selected. Click any task to open it.

You'll need to open tasks in order to update them.

Next to each task, you'll see tags, the number of subtasks, the number of checklists, and blocking or waiting on indicators. Columns to the right display each task's assignees, due date, and status.

Screenshot of Drill down view for a Pie Chart.

Drill-down into time-based charts

The following time-based cards support drill-down:

  • Line chart
  • Bar chart when X-axis is Time

    Bar chart drill-down does not work when show changes from day to day (instead of actual values) is selected in the card settings.

  • Total time in Status

When you drill down on a time-based card:

  • Unlike the other drill-down views, no other columns are displayed.
  • Only current task names are displayed.

For example, if a task was named Task A for the past few months and renamed to Task B today, you'll see it listed as task B in the Bar Chart or Line Chart card's drill-down view.

The Total Time in Status ClickApp must be enabled by Workspace owner or admin before you can use the Total time in Status Dashboard card.

Add a column

You can customize your Chart drill-down view by adding columns to it.

To add a column:

  1. Click a data segment in a card with Chart drill-down view.
  2. In the upper-right corner, click the + icon.
    Screenshot of someone adding a column to a Drill down view.
  3. Select a field to add it as a column.

Resize Chart drill-down view

Click and drag the middle divider to resize the two sections of the Chart drill-down view.

Screenshot of someone reesizing a drill down view.

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